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Blue Chip Value Fund will reorganize into the Westcore Blue Chip Fund (WTMVX) on March 28, 2011.

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Notification of Sources of Distributions:
See the most recent notice and past notices (beginning in 2007) regarding the sources of the Blue Chip Value Fund's distributions.

Final Sources of Distributions for 2010:
View the amounts of the distributions paid for 2010 here.

Financial Reports:
Annual Report
dated December 31, 2010

Semi-Annual Report
dated June 30, 2010

Daily Fund Facts
NYSE Symbol: delisted
Assets Under Management: N/A
Net Asset Value: N/A
Market Price Close: Trading has been suspended prior to reorganization. Click here for details.

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Ownership Filings
Subject to Section 16

N-CSR Filings

Blue Chip Value to suspend trading prior to reorganization

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2011 Dividend Information:
Your final Blue Chip Value Fund, Inc. dividend of $0.0159 per share was paid in March 2011 prior to the Fundís merger into Westcore Blue Chip Fund. The dividend paid was from net investment income and 100% qualifies for the corporate dividends received deduction and meets the requirements of the tax rules regarding qualified dividend income. In addition, none of the net investment income included income derived from U.S. Treasury obligations. There were no assets invested in direct U.S. Government Obligations as of the date of the March dividend.

Proxy Voting Information:
See our proxy policies, voting records and N-PX filing here.

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