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How we came to be and what we're about


blu started out as a 'what-if' convo in a bar back in 2009, with founder Jason Healy dreaming up a fresher world for himself and other smokers.

He knew there were vaper-tunities (one of our own favourite - if made up - words) out there to be explored. After all, Hon Lik, the man credited for inventing the modern e-cigarette, patented his vape device concept back in 2003.

With fire in his belly to create some more appealing alternatives to smoking. Healy's idea soon boomed into a global business - and just as well, as this is what gave us blu UK! Then, in 2013, Lik joined blu's parent company Fontem Ventures, making us even more of a force to be reckoned with.

Our first product was at the forefront of vaping, and we're not the type of people to let the momentum drop, with our next generation pod device blu 2.0 being the newest device up our sleeve.

You’ll know as well as we do that vaping is always changing - luckily our team of innovators, dedicated scientists and quality specialists is always ahead of the game. We keep one ear to the ground at all times to keep bringing you the products you want, as well as brainstorming new ideas that we think you'll enjoy.

We also know that our products need to be reliable, high quality, and most importantly need to fit into your day-to-day hustle, whatever that may be. We always want to make your life as easy as possible – we know you’re busy, and so our vapes need to work around you.

We started blu for folks just like us, and, over a decade later, we are proud to have so many of you lovely people still with us, having gained lots of new blu family members along the way. That deserves a big Cheers!

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We don't need an endless range of electronic cigarettes. We're pretty proud of the systems we've got.

There are a few different e cig options available: open, closed/pod and disposable devices. Our open and closed vapes can be combined with different flavoured e-liquids or liquidpods, while our blu bar disposables come pre-filled with your favourite flavours. You choose the vape pen that best suits your tastes.

We have everything you need to get you started on your blu journey, whether you prefer the enhanced features of our blu 2.0 closed device, the ease of our blu bar disposable, or the sleekness of an open device using our PRO e-liquids. The choice is yours.

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