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Vaping and reading
Vaping and reading
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How we celebrated our blu 2.0 launch

Here at blu we love a party, and we couldn’t think of any better cause for celebration than the launch of our blu 2.0 device. Read more here.

The UK’s weirdest and most wonderful money saving tips revealed

What are the UK’s best money saving tips? Discover Brits’ oddest money saving tips and habits, side hustles, and more here.

Best anniversary presents for the vaper in your life

Looking for the perfect gift for the vaper in your life? Get some vape gift inspiration with this guide from blu.

Vape devices & e-cigs


How to use your blu 2.0

Learn everything you need to know about using the new blu 2.0 device. From charging to inhalation, your questions are answered here.

On the fence? Explore the ease of using blu 2.0

Looking for an easy to use vape device? Find out what makes the blu 2.0 perfect for vapers of all levels with this guide.
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Vaping for beginners: what vape should I buy?

When you join the vape world, it can seem confusing at first. Let blu take the stress out of vaping.

How to & guides

Vaping during winter

Vaping tips for winter

Winter months can be harsh enough with cold, wet weather making you yearn for spring. We've answered some of your pressing questions.

How do e-cigarette batteries work?

All e-cigarettes are powered by batteries located inside the e-cig itself and can be charged and recharged multiple times.
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How to store your vape pen and liquidpod

We've got some pointers on how to store your device, plus a few things to avoid.

Vape liquids & flavours

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Nic salts: the base for all our new blu 2.0 flavours

Experience the new blu 2.0 collection, made with nicotine salts for a stronger vaping sensation.
blu2.0 flavours

What’s your flavour? Take the blu 2.0 quiz

Find out which blu 2.0 pod flavour is the one for you with our quiz. Are you more of a minty, menthol or fruit fan? Discover the right pod for you here.
Intense vs freebase

Freebase vs Nic Salt: What's The Difference?

Searching for information on the differences between freebase flavours and nicotine salts? Look no further.

Where can I vape

Knowing where to vape can be tricky. Thankfully, we've got the answers to some big vaping questions – like can I vape at the cinema, on a train or in the pub?


Can I vape at the tennis at Wimbledon?

Updated 9 June 2022 - It’s one of the highlights of the British sporting calendar as tennis fans grab their sunhats, shades, and strawberries and cream.
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Can I Vape in Beer Gardens?

Since beer gardens reopened, the nation has headed to the pub to make up for lost time. The question is: is vaping allowed outdoors? Find out here.

Can You Vape In A Nightclub?

With nightclubs now back open across the UK, we are sure some of you are already revelling in the excitement of going ‘out out’ once again.


Karl Maria Kertbeny

Pride pioneers you might not have heard of

29 May 2022 - June is Pride month, and this year’s LGBTQ+ celebration marks 53 years since the Stonewall Riots in New York, which kickstarted the gay rights movement and helped instigate a radical change in public opinion.
House of Common

Blu’s coming to a festival near you!

Here’s a sneak peak of which festivals you’ll be able to see us at and what we’ll have on offer.
Beach walk

Summer vaping

Before you start heading for the beach or the pool, you’ll need to think about what flavour you’ll want to vape this summer.