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4 steps to start vaping with confidence in the new year

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Whenever you start something new, those first few steps into the unknown can be tentative and apprehensive. Everyone’s a beginner at some point, but this doesn’t help when you feel like you’re unsure of what you’re doing. Vaping is no different and even the most confident vapers started their journey cautiously puffing and poking at their e-cigarette.

Here we go through a few steps to help you start vaping with confidence when you decide to make the switch.

1. Find the right e-cigarette and e-liquid

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, and e-cigarettes are no different. Figuring out what kind of vaper you think you’ll be is important as it’ll determine what kind of device will be best for you. There’s loads of information on our website about the differences between our e-cigarette kits.

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Getting the perfect e-liquid is just as important as even with a great e-cig, the wrong flavour can shape the entire experience. For more tips on picking the right e-liquid for you, check out our blog on how to choose your next e-liquid.

2. Plan out the first few weeks of your vaping experience

Having an idea of when you want to start vaping and how often you want to use your e-cigarette might help you make the switch with fewer problems. If you’ve not vaped before, you may find that you need some time to get used to it. For example, as there’s no natural break when using an e-cigarette you may need to decide how long you vape for each time you use it. This is because when the cartridge refill or clearomiser is full your e-cigarette will last much longer and without this natural break, you might find yourself vaping for more or less time than you’d like.

One of the great things about vaping is that you can use it inside without leaving an unwelcome smell all over the furniture and your clothes. However, with this being the case you might find you need small reminders as without the incentive to go outside, you’d be surprised how often people forget.

If you’re making a gradual change to e-cigs, having a plan can also help you factor in how quickly you’d like to switch. Going cold turkey and becoming a full-time vaper right away might work for some people but others might need more time to get used to it. Include details of how much you think you’ll vape and if you want to increase this amount over the first few weeks.

3. Find a vape friend

Good things come in pairs and vaping with an old face alongside you will help you start vaping with confidence. Whether your friend is a long-time vaper who has convinced you to make the change, someone who is switching at the same time as you or just a good friend who’s always looking out for you, knowing there’s someone you can share your experience with will help.

If you do manage to find someone who is a vaper, be it for longer than you or somebody who’s decided to start vaping around the same time, you can troubleshoot any issues that you come across along the way and swap stories about how you’ve found your vaping experience so far. If you are looking for more advice on e-cigarettes, remember that our team is always here to lend a hand.

4. Get clued up on everything to do with e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes aren’t the hardest thing in the world to wrap your head around and with a little time everyone gets the hang of the in’s and out’s of vaping. The tricky part is getting through that period where you might need a little extra time to learn how e-cigarettes work and how you can look after them.

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It’s tempting to skip ahead to the end and breeze past the advice online and from friends but ultimately you’ll have a better experience if you sit down and get to know the basics. There’s tons of information on our site on everything from e-cigarette battery maintenance to flavour ghosting. A good place to start is our Vaping Glossary which gives a run-down of all the need-to-know vaping terminology.