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Vaping in autumn


Vaping in autumn

With summer winding down to a close, it’s time to put the barbecue back in the garage and search through the closet for that warm, fuzzy sweater. The weather in autumn isn’t so extreme that your vape will be affected, but there are a few points you may want to consider.

Autumn Vaping Tips

The weather won’t get too cold during autumn, but just in case the temperatures start to get really cold, make sure to keep your e-cig nice and warm. If the temperature – and by extension your e-cig – gets below freezing, your battery may start to lose capacity, meaning that it won’t be able to hold as much charge as before. While it’s unlikely to dip below 0 degrees Celsius during the day, towards the back end of autumn the nights can get pretty chilly, so don’t leave your e-cig in your car.

What’s more, you shouldn’t use your e-cig at all if it gets below -10 degrees Celsius, as at this temperature your e-liquid may start to freeze, affecting the flavour. The battery won’t work to well in temperatures these low either, so if it does happen to get very cold, take your e-cig back inside the house to enjoy a nice warm vape!

If you want more tips on even colder weather, check out our Vaping Tips For Winter to make sure that your e-cig keeps working at its best.


Best Flavours To Vape In Autumn

Autumn is hands down one of the most colourful and cosy seasons of them all. Make sure you’re vaping something that suits the season! Here are a few flavours we recommend to compliment the crisper air and cool evenings:


In the summer, people tend to prefer more intense citrus-based e-liquids. However, as the days get shorter with the arrival of autumn, many people start choosing softer flavours to complement the colder air especially when vaping outdoors. Our Menthol e-liquid has a refreshing taste.


Couple your traditional autumn activities with a traditional vape. Tobacco, our most popular flavour, was crafted with warm, full-bodied, authentic flavours and is available in Golden Tobacco e-liquid form.


Cherry is another flavour in this collection that really packs a punch. Our Cherry combines notes of tart, cherry flavour with the taste of authentic tobacco. It is available as Cherry e-liquid.

If there are any autumn favourites that you feel are worth a mention, or if you would like to tell us what you make of our choices or get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook.