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blu’s Complimentary Take Back Service: Available For All Products

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Did you know that blu offers a complimentary take back service for all consumers, allowing for proper disposal of the company’s devices, vape pods and e-liquid bottles?

As part of blu’s commitment to ensuring products are disposed of responsibly and reducing potential damage to the environment, customers are able to easily send back used devices, liquidpods and e-liquid bottles, which will then be safely processed, neutralised and disposed of. This service is completely free of charge.

Whenever you see an icon of a crossed out wheelie-bin on a product, this means the item is not suitable for putting in household waste.

wheelie bin

Luckily, it’s easy to dispose of any blu product responsibly. Simply contact customer services to receive the freepost address and post your item in any suitable envelope to the given address, including the words ‘Take Back’ on the envelope.

Learn more about blu’s take back scheme and how to return your goods free of charge.