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Vaping laws in the UK

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In the 10 years since vape devices were first sold in the UK, they have gone through a number of changes. These changes haven’t been implemented just to improve the quality of the product, but also the laws governing how they’re made and sold. Here we take a look at the vaping laws in place in the UK and how they might affect you.

Where is vaping banned in the UK?

Unlike in the US, where several states have moved to impose statewide vaping restrictions, there is currently no official regional legislation regarding the use of vape pens. A bill to prohibit vaping in public spaces where children may be present in Wales came close to being passed last year but didn’t win enough support from MPs. A public beach in Wales also hit the headlines back in March when it declared its space to be smoke-free. This decision was extended to include vape products, although it’s worth noting that no legal sanction is in place for anyone vaping in this area. In other words, you will not be punished for vaping, only asked to stop.

The latter of these points highlights an important caveat to the current vaping legislation in the UK. Although the government has not presently banned vaping in any particular location, the decision to allow vaping in any space is at the behest of the property owner. Many airlines have already moved to ban vaping, and there are some private and public organisations who have followed suit. We therefore recommend that anyone wishing to vape in a common space check with a relevant member of staff before starting.

What are the restrictions on vaping?

The size and strength of e-liquids are currently limited by the EUTPD. Any e-liquid container must be no more than 10ml in capacity. Further to this, clearomisers and cartridges cannot have a capacity of more than 2ml. The maximum nicotine strength of e-liquid is currently set at 20%, having been lowered from 24%.

Vape manufacturers now have to submit information on any product to the government for approval before it can be sold to the public. There is also a 6 month grace period before any submitted item can be sold.

blu supports these procedures as they ensure that all products available to vapers are made to a high standard and have the customer’s best interests at heart.

If you have any further questions about e-liquids, please contact blu’s Customer Service.



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