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Vape nation: what was the most popular e-liquid flavour in the UK during 2020?

Vape Nation: UK's favourite vape flavours

Are you fond of fruity flavours? Or, maybe you prefer menthol? Well, it is no secret that blu vapes come in a variety of flavours, so there is something for every palate.

However, if you find you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to blu vape flavours and don’t know which one to buy, it can’t hurt to go with the majority. So, we’ve analysed sales data for postcodes across the length and breadth of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to reveal the most popular blu e-liquid flavours of 2020.

Will it be our tobacco crème flavour or maybe the ginseng ginger e-liquid? Here is what we found:

What were the most popular flavours of 2020?

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Our data has revealed that, in 2020, the UK’s favourite e-liquid flavours from the blu range were:

  1. Menthol and mint

  2. Tobacco

  3. Cherry

  4. Fruity

  5. Berry

  6. Blueberry

  7. Strawberry

  8. Savoury

  9. Vanilla

  10. Cafe Latte

Menthol and mint and tobacco flavoured e-liquid both outsold all other flavours combined, indicating vapers love the classic flavours, but are keen to choose smoking alternative products. Berry flavours completed most of the remaining bestsellers list, with beverages (such as café latte and caramel café) bringing up the rear.

Menthol and tobacco e-liquid were also the bestselling flavours across each nation, showing tastes are rather consistent across the country. However, do favourite flavours differ between myblu™ and the Pro? Let’s look at the numbers.

2020's favourite flavours for open system vapes

Over the last 12 months, when it comes to the best vape flavours, there have been clear favourites amongst open system vapers across the UK: menthol and mint.

Our fresh menthol and mint flavours were the bestselling open system e-liquid across the entire UK, with the most being sold in the South East of England.


Could this be linked to the May 2020 ban on menthol cigarettes, we wonder?

Other top five bestsellers include tobacco, blueberry, cherry, and strawberry.

2020’s favourite flavours for closed system vapes


In 2020, our tobacco flavour was most popular among blu closed system vapers in Britain and the top five bestselling flavours were unanimous across the country:

  1. Tobacco

  2. Menthol and mint

  3. Cherry

  4. Fruity

  5. Berry

For all flavours, the most closed system e-liquid was sold in the South East, apart from vanilla where Greater London bought the most.

How popular is vaping in the UK?

So, we know what the favourite blu flavours are, but how many people are potentially enjoying them? Well, according to government statistics released in March 2020, at the end of 2019, between 5% and 7% of adults in England vaped, with prevalence rising to between 14% and 20% amongst smokers.

The UK currently has the third biggest vape market in the world (first and second are the US and Japan). The global population of vapers is estimated to reach 55 million in 2021.