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The must have accessories every vaper needs

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While there are some spares available from blu to help you improve your vaping experience, there will still be some vapers looking for more ways to enhance the way they vape. To help out, we’ve put together a list of some of the must-have vaping accessories and how they can be used to take your vape to the next level!

Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre cloths may not seem like a logical accessory for e-cig users to have in their arsenal, but they are arguably the most important. Usually used for cleaning screens or lenses, microfibre cloths are the perfect way to keep your e-cigarette as clean as possible.

Microfibre cloths have much finer fibres compared to regular cloths, and this means that they won’t leave behind anywhere near as much dust or lint. Given that excess dust is often part of the reason for an e-cig battery not working, having a microfibre cloth handy is a really good way of keeping your battery in good working condition.

The majority of microfibre cloths are reasonably cheap and can be bought in bulk online, so there’s no reason not to have a few stashed around the house or at work to keep your e-cig in good nick.

Portable USB Chargers

The lifesaver of any frequent festival-goer, portable USB chargers could prove very handy if you find your e-cig is running out of charge on a regular basis.

Most portable USB chargers can be charged in just a couple of hours and can then be plugged into your e-cig using it’s USB charging cable. Whilst we would recommend charging your e-cig from a laptop or wall outlet whenever possible, having a portable USB charger can serve as a handy back-up if you’re out and about for a few hours.

Another way of charging your e-cig similar to this is to use a car charger which will plug into the outlet on the car’s dashboard before plugging into your e-cig’s USB charging cable. This can be useful if you forget to charge your e-cig and want to get it fully charged on the way to work.

Silicone Mat

When you’re taking apart your e-cigarette, you might find that it’s hard to keep all the parts in one place, especially if you’re vaping something larger like the blu PRO®. To help keep all the different parts of the e-cigarette in one place, a lot of vapers use small silicon mats when taking their device apart.

The silicon in the mat means that the parts won’t roll around, making it easier for you when you’re filling or cleaning your e-cig. There are some available with raised edges to make extra sure your stuff stays in place and there are others than have deeper indentations allowing you to stand the parts of your e-cigarette up which could be especially helpful when refilling. A silicone mat could also be useful if you like to vape in the car but worry about dropping your e-cig on the floor.

Extra Batteries

You can only plan so far ahead, and even the most prepared of vapers will find themselves in a jam with a battery that’s out of charge. Ultimately the best accessory any vaper can carry with them is an extra battery or two as this way you can avoid waiting to recharge your battery once it runs out and keep on vaping!

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