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Blu 2.0 is here! Five reasons you should be excited

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The new blu 2.0 vape device has landed. Here, we take a look at the ins and outs of this device, revealing five reasons to get excited.

Vaping enthusiasts, rejoice; blu 2.0 is here. Our latest vaping device has hit the shelves for the very first time and it’s safe to say we’re pretty excited.

Stepping into the sizable shoes of the classic myblu™, our new device is set to become your new go-to. What’s so great about the blu 2.0, we hear you ask? Read on.

Say hello to the blu 2.0

Before we dig into the ins and outs of this top of the range device, a quick introduction is in order. For the aficionados out there, the myblu™ has been a long-standing familiar favourite. And now, there’s a new kid on the block. Bigger and better than ever before.

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The blu 2.0 is a step up on our previous device. Hard to believe, we know. It takes everything you love about the original and takes it to the next level, with extra features to boot. Excited yet?

Five reasons to believe the hype

Without further ado, let’s take a look at five reasons we’re excited about the launch of the blu 2.0.

1. The next step in vaping evolution

We all like shiny new things. However, the novelty wears off quickly if they don’t actually offer any improvements on what came before. If you’re not moving forward, you’re standing still, after all.

The blu 2.0 represents a huge leap into our future, with improvements made from all angles. Retaining the core values of reliability, convenience and ease of use which made the myblu™ so popular, we’ve taken an already great formula and added in some upgrades to provide the definitive vaping device.

2. A super comfortable experience

While myblu™ was recognised for feeling comfortable in hand and in mouth, the blu 2.0 has been painstakingly designed for a greater sensory experience. Coming in at 107mm in length, the extra 5mm makes all the difference when it comes to providing an enhanced user experience.

As well as improved comfort levels, we are confident you willl experience the ultimate smooth draw. Utilising advanced ceramic pod technology, you can expect improved flavour and nicotine satisfaction, cranking up the overall vaping experience to the nth degree.

3. Next gen PowerTap feature

The height of innovation, the blu 2.0 now offers PowerTap technology. No more battery anxiety and the dread of that final vape, as you’ll be able to get a level update in three quick taps when the pod is inserted. The e-cigarette’s LED lights up red, amber or blue depending on charge level. Simple.

4. Better flavours

As well as a new device, we’ve also launched fresh pods in two strengths – 9mg/ml and 18mg/ml. Keeping the classics with some new twists along the way, the pods are bolder than before. Initially, there are six great flavours available (but keep your ears to the grapevine for more down the line). These are:

• Polar Menthol
• Golden Tobacco
• Fresh Mint
• Berry Mix
• Blueberry Ice
• Fresh Mango

5. Longer-lasting vaping

No one wants to spend half their time fiddling around charging their vape or changing their pods. These pain points have been addressed, and then some, in the construction of the blu 2.0.

Thanks to its advanced 400 mAh battery, you’ll receive 262 puffs per charge. This is a huge 69 extra puffs compared to its predecessor. Similarly, our pods are also built to last the long haul. Our enhanced 1.9ml pods offer 292 puffs per pod, outlasting one charge. This is a 50 puff upgrade on the previous model, bringing you the most user-friendly, long-lasting vaping experience yet.

Get your hands on the blu 2.0

Ready to upgrade your vaping? The blu 2.0 is available now. We’re sure you’ll be just as excited to give it a try as we are to be bringing it to you.

For all the latest news and for updates on new upcoming flavours, stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Fruity flavours

Blu 2.0

Berry Mix Flavour
Berry Mix Flavour
Fresh Mango Flavour
Fresh Mango Flavour
Blueberry Ice Flavour
Blueberry Ice Flavour
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