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6th Feb 2023

Can I vape at a hospital?


Coffe bar lady blu2.0 in-article imageVisiting hospitals is a necessity we all come across at different points in our lives. Whether you’ve become a new parent or are visiting a loved one, important moments often take place in this setting. And if you’re a vaper, these moments may go hand-in-hand with using your e-cig.

Whether you’re a patient, a visitor, or even a new member of staff, you’re sure to be wondering, can you vape in hospital? Read on to learn more about vaping rules and regulations in UK hospitals with this guide.

Can you vape inside a hospital?

You cannot vape inside a hospital in the UK under any circumstance, and these regulations extend to both visitors and patients. The vast majority of NHS hospitals ban vaping and e-cigarettes in general within 100 metres of the building.

Not only is the use of vapes prohibited, but the same rules also apply to charging. NHS policy dictates that you cannot charge or operate e-cigarettes within the hospital, the grounds or in hospital transport due to them potentially being a fire and safety hazard.

Do hospitals have vape zones?

UK hospitals do not have designated vape-friendly zones. Since 2021, a complete ban on smoking on hospital grounds has been brought into effect and, while vaping isn’t the same as smoking, the same rules apply to e-cigarettes in this setting. While over the years certain areas have considered allowing vaping zones, at present none have been put into action.

Can staff vape in hospitals?

Staff are also prohibited from vaping in all hospitals and their grounds. The same rules for patients and visitors apply to hospital staff, meaning that there’s no exceptions when it comes to vaping at hospitals. Staff who do want to have a puff must entirely leave the property on their breaks.


Will vapes set off a smoke alarm in hospital?

While vaping won’t always trigger a hospital smoke alarm, there are times when it happens, particularly with alarms which detect broken light beams or particle changes.

As such, do not attempt to dodge the rules by sneaking off to an enclosed space under any circumstance. There’s every chance you will not go undetected.

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What happens if you’re caught vaping in a hospital?

While the severity of intervention can vary depending on circumstance, normally if you are caught vaping on hospital grounds you will be reminded of the policy and told to stop vaping by administration or security. Should you continue, you’ll likely be asked to leave the hospital.

Advice for vapers when visiting a hospital

Given the stringent rules around vaping at a hospital, the best course of action is to treat it as a completely vape-free zone. This means keeping your vape tucked away until you’ve completely moved away from the property. This extends to outdoor areas such as entranceways and car parks.

For regular vapers, it can be a habit to pull the device out almost without thinking. To get around this, why not leave the device in your car or in a bag when visiting hospital, to avoid causing any issues by unconsciously handling the device.

Understand vaping rules with blu

Vaping conscientiously is important both for heightening your own experience and those around you. That’s why we’ve put together a series of guides on where you can vape. From advice on vaping at work to travelling on a plane, we’ve got all the vaping guidance you need here.

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