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19 July 2023

Can you vape at a theme park?

Vaping at theme park

If you’re after some family fun, the thrills of a theme park are sure to be calling your name. With plenty of exhilarating rides, they’re a great place to spend a day out, especially if you’re looking to keep little ones entertained.

In the UK, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to theme parks, with some of the best in Europe to set your sights on. Of course, you’ll be spending a full day there whizzing around the entirety of the site. For vapers, this begs the question of whether they can bring their trusty blu 2.0 with them for a break, or if it will need to stay at home.

Read on to find out more with our guide to vaping at theme parks.

Can you vape in UK theme parks?

At present, there is no blanket regulation on whether you can vape in a theme park in the UK. However, the majority of theme parks have dedicated smoking and vaping areas which are the only places where e-cigs are allowed.

While vaping at theme parks typically falls under the umbrella of vaping inside, where it’s treated much like smoking cigarettes, it boils down to the specific policies of the establishment. Prior to attending, be sure to consult relevant websites and information to ensure you don’t inadvertently break the rules.

Here’s a look at the stance of some top UK theme parks when it comes to vaping.

Park2 in article | image

Can you vape in Alton Towers?

Arguably the most iconic theme park on these shores, Alton Towers draws in upwards of 1.8 million visitors a year. If you’re among that figure, you’ll need to consult the site map to find where vaping is allowed. Vaping is only permitted in designated areas and isn’t tolerated in all other outdoor or indoor spaces.

These regulations also apply to all theme parks that fall under the Merlin banner, such as Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures.

Can you vape in Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

A seaside favourite, Blackpool Pleasure Beach allows vaping in a few areas. It is strictly banned in all queue-lines around the site, as well as in the Nickelodeon Land area. While e-cigarettes are permitted everywhere else, it’s important to keep vaping etiquette in mind, particularly around young children and families.

Can you vape in Drayton Manor?

Drayton Manor’s vaping regulations are similar to the Merlin theme parks, with designated areas where vaping is allowed. All areas with rides and attractions are strictly prohibited and the Thomas Land area of the site does not have a vaping area whatsoever.

Can you vape in US theme parks?

US Theme Park | In article image
Many people, particularly Disney-lovers, also hop over the Atlantic to get their theme park thrills. While US vaping laws tend to mirror those in the UK in terms of vaping in public, there are state-specific laws which need to be taken into account prior to visiting. Each of these laws can be found through the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) website.

Can you vape in Disney Parks?

In the US, there are two main Disney resorts, located in Florida and California. There are designated areas near the main entrance of the four main parks in Florida where vaping is allowed, meaning you’ll be quite far from the vaping area as you navigate around the parks. In Disney Parks in California, however, vaping is strictly prohibited across the entire site.

Can you vape in Universal Studios?

Universal Studios is split into several different areas which all have their own rules. Much like Disney Parks, there’s a designated area outside the main entrance for both smoking and vaping. However, you cannot vape in the Hollywood Park at all.

Can you vape in Six Flags?

Six Flags offers more areas for vaping in comparison with the previous two examples. Its layout is more similar to UK theme parks, with areas dotted within the site itself for vaping. Of course, in general areas and queues, it isn’t allowed.

Can you vape in European Theme Parks?

Disneyland's | article image
In general, European theme parks follow the trends of the UK and have clearly signposted areas for vaping. Interestingly, Disneyland Paris is one area where smoking is completely prohibited, yet there are certain areas where you can vape. Much like all other theme parks, be sure to check ahead of time before packing your device and e-liquid for the trip.

Get vaping advice from blu

Wherever you’re heading off to for a day out or weekend away, you can find out where you can vape with our expert advice. We regularly provide the latest rules and regulations in our guides, updating as they shift, however please do ensure you also check each site’s official websites for up-to-date information before you visit.

Whether you’re looking for disposables or reusable devices, you can pick up the best vapes and e-liquids from blu. Shop our range today.

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