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Can you vape at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2022?


This year is a special one for those involved with or attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, as the festival, known as the ‘single greatest celebration of arts and culture on the planet’, is celebrating its 75th anniversary!

From theatre to circus acts, spoken word poetry to opera, there is something for everyone; in fact, you can expect more than 3,000 acts across three weeks.

However, if you’re planning on attending, you may like to learn about the event rules and whether you can vape at the Edinburgh Fringe venues in 2022.

Luckily, we’ve done the research for you and found out. Here’s what you need to know when planning your visit:

When is Edinburgh Fringe 2022?

The Fringe will take place from August 5th to 29th 2022, with artists and performers taking over hundreds of stages and venues all over the city. This includes both day and evening events for people of all ages.

Can You Vape At The Fringe 2022?

Vaping is not permitted in public indoor spaces in Scotland. This extends to on stage, and behind the scenes in green rooms. There is no exemption for artistic purposes, and failure to comply could result in a substantial fine for the vaper and the venue.

This also applies to more quirky venues such as the BlundaBus – an award-winning pop-up comedy theatre on a converted double-decker bus – where you can see shows from Bee Babylon and Leo Mohr, take part in a Drag Race quiz party, enjoy cabaret variety performances, and much more. Similarly, it extends to Cab-arette Cab, a musical comedy tour of the city with five characters telling their stories and singing along.

However, most venues now have designated outdoor smoking and vaping areas. For example, Bellfield has a well-covered beer garden if you’d like to vape after the South London Jazz Orchestra perform, and The Outhouse has a comfy courtyard should you fancy a spot of cabaret.

Of course, not all the events and happenings are held indoors, and therefore vaping is a little freer in some outside locations. Wander over to George Square Gardens near the University of Edinburgh, or stroll down The Royal Mile, and you’re sure to see a myriad of street performances to keep you entertained.

To make things a little easier, The Fringe has put together this handy map which shows a walking route to take in all the street performance spots.

Fringe Street Events map 2022


As always, if you are unsure whether you can vape in a particular area, make sure that you check with one of the event staff first, who should be happy to direct you to a permitted vaping area.

Where can you buy blu e-liquids and liquidpods when attending the Fringe 2022?

So, you now know where you can, and can’t, vape at Edinburgh Fringe, but where can you buy your blu e-liquid and liquidpods?

blu has plenty of stockists in Scotland; find the nearest blu shops in Edinburgh with our storefinder. There are some really close to Fringe venues, perfect for if you run out last minute.

With that sorted, all that’s left is to wish you a wonderful time at the Fringe!