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5th May 2023

Eurovision 2023: Everything Vapers Need To Know

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It’s that time of year again – Eurovision is here! Over at blu HQ, we’ve been coming down with a serious case of Eurovision fever. It’s nearly time to dust off the sequins and glitter, lace up the dancing shoes, and get ready for a good old sing song.

The vapers out there will also be keen to reach for their trusty device. Of course, whether you’re going to the event itself or swapping the glad rags for dancing in your dressing gown, Eurovision is a social event. As such, you may be wondering whether your vape is invited to the party.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Eurovision 2023, and what vapers will need to keep in mind wherever they’re taking in the festivities.

Eurovision – a quick dance through the history books

Ukraine flag

If you’re not too familiar with the what’s and why’s of Eurovision, here’s a whistlestop tour. Since its inception in Switzerland in 1956, where only 7 nations competed, it’s evolved into an annual week-long festival of music, dance, and culture.

Over the years, Eurovision has grown in popularity, becoming one of the most-watched events in the world. It’s expanded significantly, to the extent where even countries outside of Europe, such as Australia, are getting involved.

The winning country earns the honour of hosting the following year's event, leading to a range of exciting locations and diverse stage productions. This year’s edition is bucking the trend somewhat, with the Ukraine having to relinquish hosting responsibilities following their victory last year.

Eurovision 2023

In 2023, Eurovision is hopping on a yellow submarine and setting sail for the birthplace of the Fab Four; Liverpool. From the Merseybeat scene and the Royal Philharmonic Opera, to Sound City and the iconic Cream, there are few cities that can rival its rich and diverse musical heritage. It’s fair to say it’s a fitting venue, where music lovers will never walk alone (is that enough Liverpool references now?)

This year, the UK is set to Come Together (ok, just the one more) and get behind Mae Muller. She’ll be hoping to go one better than Sam Ryder, who came second in 2022, or her 2021 compatriot James Newman who…checks notes…well, let’s just say, didn’t come second. Here’s hoping there’s no nul points for Mae!

Can you vape in the M&S Bank Arena?

Been lucky enough to bag yourself a ticket to the big night? Or to one of the (just as big) semi-final nights? We’re not jealous at all.

If you are getting dolled up and going to the show, you’ll need to head to the M&S Bank Arena. Situated on the banks of the Mersey, you can’t miss it, although you may hear locals refer to it as ‘the Echo’, given its previous name.

As exciting as the night is sure to be, we’ll have to be a slight party pooper. Vaping is strictly prohibited in the M&S Bank Arena and there is no designated vaping area within the grounds. You’ll have to save your favourite vape device for before and after the event. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Can you vape in the Eurovision Village?

The festivities don’t begin and end with the event itself. After all, it’s been 25 years since Eurovision last graced these shores, why not keep the party going?

From the 5th May all the way until the grand final, the Eurovision Village will be taking over Pier Head in the heart of Liverpool. Free to enter and featuring everything from DJ sets to one-off variety shows, live music, and special guest appearances, it’s the place to rub shoulders with your continental cousins and soak up the atmosphere.

As the Pier Head is an outdoor area, you may be tempted to bring your vape along with you. According to the events prohibited items list, there’s no strict ban on e-cigarettes. If you’re unsure whether it’s allowed or not, you may want to get in touch with the organisers to check. Better safe than sorry.

Vaping etiquette at Eurovision parties

EurovisionArticle image pods in the pocket copy | in article image

Eurovision is as much about getting your mates together for a sing-a-long and some dancing as it is about the performances themselves. If you’re planning to host or attend a Eurovision party, it’s important to keep vaping etiquette in mind so everyone’s singing from the same hymn sheet.

Eurovision brings people together. You’ll want to be mindful of the preferences of those around you. Not everyone in attendance may be a fan of vaping or comfortable with the presence of vapor at the party. Ask your fellow partygoers, or the host, if they’re ok with it beforehand. Respecting choices and creating a comfortable environment is key to everyone having a good time.

Of course, if you’re attending a screening at a venue such as a pub or nightclub, then whether you’re able to vape indoors or not will largely be at the venues discretion. Be sure to check up on the rules and regulations to prevent hitting a flat note.

Get Eurovision-ready with blu

Wherever you’re watching the world’s biggest music event, why not take us along with you? With everything from disposable vapes to liquidpods, blu is always the belle of the ball.

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