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Getting to know blu 2.0 pods

Blu 2.0 Liquidpods & Pods

Our blu flavour pods have evolved. To accompany our new device, blu 2.0 pods are here, bigger and better than before. Packed with plenty of new features, we think you’re going to enjoy them just as much as the classic liquidpods whose shoes they’ll be filling.

Get ready for a superior flavour experience with blu 2.0 pods. These innovative vape pods allow you to enjoy blu flavour for longer than ever before, boasting 292 puffs per pod (based on average usage).

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the pods, from new features to flavours, here.

What are blu 2.0 pods?

These pods are our newest e-liquid creations, designed specifically for our new and improved closed device. Perfect for newbies making a switch and seasoned vape veterans alike, the closed vape pod design is easy to use, simply clicking into place in seconds, ready for use.

The pods boast a new and improved flavour portfolio, broadening our taste horizons. Ideal for the vaping on-the-go, the blu 2.0 pods are easy to use and discreet, eliminating the mess associated with refilling open pods or mods. As simple as you like, the pods offer maximum reward for minimum effort.

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What’s new about the blu 2.0 pods?

As advanced as our classic myblu pods are, there’s always room for improvements.

Everything from length of use to robustness of the structure has been considered, not to mention the satisfying flavour draw. We’ve even improved their packaging, taking a look at previous pain points to improve ease of access.

Check out these brand-new features we’ve added to take our vaping pods to the next level:

  • Ceramic pod technology for a smooth vaping experience with improved flavour and nicotine satisfaction.

  • Longer lasting pods (1.9ml), offering 292 puffs per pod (based on average usage).

  • Magnetic lock to securely hold the pod into place.

We’re certain aficionados of the myblu™ liquidpods will be more than happy with these upgraded pods. We’ve taken all the features that make the liquidpods great and cranked them up a notch.

Which flavours are available?

The blu 2.0 pods will be available in six great flavours, each designed to offer a different experience. From the fresh to the fruity, there’s something for every preference here. If you have a favourite from our classic pods, you won’t be disappointed. These new and improved flavour pods have been painstakingly designed for a smoother flavour draw.

Our new vape pod flavours are available in both 9mg/ml and 18mg/ml variations, ensuring you receive the right nicotine strength levels for your requirements, and each pack comprises of two pods.

We’ll be kicking off with: Golden Tobacco, Polar Menthol, Berry Mix, Blueberry Ice, Fresh Mint and Fresh Mango. Keep your eyes peeled, though – we just might be formulating some new flavours to join the family down the line.

How to use blu 2.0 pods

blu 2.0 pods work in the same way as their predecessor. Expertly made with security and ease of use in mind, it’s incredibly straightforward to use these pods. Simply click them into the device and put it to your lips.

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How do I change my pod?

Changing your blu 2.0 pod is super easy. In fact, it only takes 5 seconds to replace with a fresh pod. Simply detach the pod you want to replace by sliding it from the top of the device away from the body.

Next, connect your new pod into the blu 2.0 device. The pods are designed with a secure magnetic closure which keeps them locked into position throughout use. And voila! Just like that, your new pod is ready to go in as little as 5 seconds.

Find out more about blu 2.0

And there you have it, our latest vape flavour pod innovation has landed. From improved flavours to a robust and secure construction, the blu 2.0 represents the next steps in the evolution of vaping.

Want to be the first to know when new flavours and bundles hit the market? Stay tuned to our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages for regular updates on the blu 2.0 range.

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