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How Many People In The UK Vape?

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Curious about how popular vaping is in the UK, as well as the demographics of vapers across Great Britain? You’re in luck, because blu has the answers to all your questions. Learn how many vapers there are in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and find out more about these individuals, below.

How many people in the UK vape?

There are approximately 3 million vapers in Great Britain, making up about 5.7% of the population. This is according to a 2019 survey by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

This number is significantly higher than it was in 2014, when the ONS began collecting this data - only 3.7% of the population vaped in 2014.

Graph of uk vapers

Although a higher proportion of men reported vaping (6.1%) than women (5.4%) in 2019, this is the first year since data collection began that the number of male vapers has fallen (down from 7.7% in 2018). The age group that has the highest proportion of vapers, at 9.2%, was those in the 25-to-34-year bracket.

How many people in England vape?

Around 6% (between 5.5% and 6.3%) of the adult population in England vape, equating to roughly 2.7 million adult vapers. This is according to research from Public Health England, collected from between 2019 and October 2020.

Between 17.5% and 20.1% of current smokers also vape, contrasting with around 11% of former smokers and between 0.3% and 0.6% of people who have never smoked.

In terms of the e-liquid, more than half of vapers (51%) said that they had reduced the strength of the nicotine liquid they use since starting to vape. The favourite e-liquid flavours of English vapers include fruit (31.6%), tobacco (25.2%) and mint/menthol e-liquid (20%).

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How many people in Wales vape?

Around 6% of adults in Wales said that they used e-cigarettes, according to the National Survey for Wales 2018-19.

In Wales, 50% of e-cigarette users said they were also smokers, and 49% said they were ex-smokers.

How many people in Northern Ireland vape?

In Northern Ireland, around 5% of the population vape, and it is estimated that 14% of the overall population have ever used an e-cigarette. This is according to the most recent study on this topic from the HSC Public Health Agency, published in 2015.

How many people in Scotland vape?

Around 7% of Scottish people vape, according to the Scottish Health Survey 2018, produced by the Scottish Government, and this percentage has been the same since 2015. In 2014 however, just 5% of Scottish people vaped.

E-cigarette use was most common in Scotland among those aged between 25-54 (8-11%) and lower for older adults (between 1-6% for those aged 55 and over).

In 2018, more men (8%) used e-cigarettes than women (6%); this is different to 2016 and 2017, where there had been no significant difference between the genders.

Wherever in the world you live, we hope it has been interesting to read these vaping statistics from across the UK! If you are part of the vaping community, check our range of vape devices and liquid flavours, or get in touch if you have any questions.