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09th may 2023

Tell us which myblu flavour you like and we’ll tell you which blu 2.0 flavour to try

blu 2.0

We know it can be hard to move away from a beloved vape flavour, but with myblu being phased out, the time to upgrade to blu 2.0 is now! But, how do you know which flavours will tickle your tastebuds?

We’ve put together the ultimate flavour matching guide to help you make the switch, leaving no flavour unturned to make sure you know your favourites from the get-go.

It’s worth remembering that blu 2.0 is in general a smoother experience due to all of our flavours being made with nic salts. If you were a fan of our Intense myblu range, which also contains nic salts, you’ll already appreciate the smoother and more satisfying taste of our blu 2.0 pods. If you haven’t tried nic salts before, our blu 2.0 pods might taste slightly different when you first try them, but we’re sure they’ll quickly become your chosen ones.

Let’s dive into it!

What’s your myblu flavour?

Golden Tobacco or Intense Golden Tobacco

If you liked myblu Golden Tobacco or Intense Golden Tobacco then you should try… you guessed it – blu 2.0 Golden Tobacco! We didn’t want to change much with our classic Golden Tobacco flavour, as we know how many of you love it. Expect a sweet taste with coffee and caramel notes in our new blu 2.0 pods.

FM In article image 1 | Image

Fresh Menthol or Intense Menthol

myblu Fresh Menthol and Intense Menthol pods most closely match to the blu 2.0 Fresh Mint pods, with myblu Fresh Menthol in particular having a mild minty taste. Fresh Mint is perfect for those who want to keep that mild, spearmint taste going. However, if you want to take the mintyness to the next level, we’d recommend our blu 2.0 Polar Menthol pods instead, which have a super cooling and icy taste.

Intense Blueberry or Cherry Crush

For blu 2.0 we’ve combined the rich cherry notes of myblu Cherry Crush and fresh berry taste of Intense Blueberry to create Berry Mix – a blend of dark and red berries that brings you the best of both flavours.

FM in article image 2

Intense Strawberry Mint

No surprises here – fans of myblu Intense Strawberry Mint should try our blu 2.0 Strawberry Mint pods, which also promises a sweet strawberry flavour with a hint of mint. What’s not to like!

Mango Apricot

For blu 2.0, we’ve dropped the apricot from our myblu Mango Apricot liquidpods to bring you the sweet, tropical taste of blu 2.0 Fresh Mango. In our humble opinion, it’s even better than before.

Blue Ice or Intense Blue Ice

We didn’t want to change much from the myblu Blue Ice or Intense Blue Ice as we know they’re so popular! That’s why we developed blu 2.0 Blueberry Ice, which has that same natural blueberry and menthol mix that everyone enjoys.

FM in article image 3 | Image

Green Apple

Lastly another fan favourite - Green Apple! We recently introduced our blu 2.0 Green Apple pods to replace our myblu Green Apple, continuing the legacy of that tart yet sweet apple-y flavour.

That’s all of our myblu flavours covered! Let us know if you like your blu 2.0 flavour match on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or get in touch with our Customer Service team if you have any more questions on upgrading to blu 2.0. We always love chatting to you!

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