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The complete guide to the new blu 2.0 device

blu 2.0

The world of vaping is forever evolving. Here at blu, our devices are no exception. Never happy sitting still, we’re always on the hunt for the latest and greatest innovations, and that dedication to invention and quality has paid dividends. We’ve come up with something special, the blu 2.0.

The big brother of the myblu™, we’re proud to be rolling out our new closed pod device, but what sets it apart from the rest?

Get a full understanding of the anatomy of the blu 2.0 and why we think it’s set to transform your vaping experience.

New and improved features

Let’s face it, we set the bar pretty high with the myblu™ device, but sometimes the sequel is an improvement on the original. That’s certainly the case with the blu 2.0. We’ve taken everything that made our flagship device work and smoothened the edges, addressing pain points and elevating much-loved features to new heights.

Simply put, we’re pretty proud of the work we’ve put into this device. No stone has been left unturned, with everything from the packaging to the overall functionality given an overhaul to deliver this definitive vaping device.

Below, see some of the new and improved features you can expect to enjoy:

  • Longer lasting between charges – 262 puffs per charge (based on average usage) with a 400mAh battery

  • USB-C compatible charging with a 50cm cable

  • 1.9ml pods which provide 292 puffs per pod (based on average usage)

  • Ceramic pod technology

  • Magnetic pod lock

  • 112mm device length, including the pod

  • PowerTap feature for checking battery on the go

Pop Corns | image

Which flavours are available?

The launch of our new device is complemented by our latest pods. Expertly designed for a superior draw, these six new liquidpod inventions will hit the market at the same time as our device launches.

Available in both 9mg/ml and 18mg/ml nicotine volumes, our blu 2.0 pods will be available in both classic menthol and fruity variations. Here’s a run through of the flavours.

  • 2.0 Golden Tobacco Pods – Sweet tobacco flavour.

  • 2.0 Polar Menthol Pods – Icy menthol flavour.

  • 2.0 Berry Mix Pods – A sweet blend of red and dark berry flavour.

  • 2.0 Blueberry Ice Pods – A mix of sweet blueberry and icy mint.

  • 2.0 Fresh Mint Pods - Sweet spearmint taste.

  • 2.0 Fresh Mango Pods - A tropical and sweet mango flavour.

Pod packs | Image

Bigger, better and longer lasting

The comparisons between myblu™ and blu 2.0 are even more interesting. A worthy successor to the throne, we’re taking the next step in the evolution of vaping. The differences are plain to see, both aesthetically and when it comes to performance. The running theme, throughout, is bigger, better and longer lasting.

First, to look at, the device is 5mm longer than its predecessor, including the pod. This additional length enhances ease of use and how good it feels both in hand and mouth. The pods are also made from ceramic rather than cotton wick, offering an increased sensory experience.

Getting down to the nitty gritty of performance, the device is longer lasting. Facilitated by its powerful 400mAh battery, you’ll receive 262 puffs per charge (based on average usage), a whopping 69 puff increase compared to myblu, as well as increased pod volume.

Is myblu™ still available?

myblu™ is still available, for a limited time only. Ever since its launch, this ever-popular device has been a favourite. However, it will be phased out over the coming months.

Stay up to date with the blu 2.0

To find out more about the launch of our newest device, and to receive regular updates on new flavours and updates, head on over to our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages to stay up to date.

Most popular flavours

Blu 2.0

Polar Menthol Flavour
Polar Menthol Flavour
Golden Tobacco Flavour
Golden Tobacco Flavour
Fresh Mint Flavour
Fresh Mint Flavour
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