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Revealed: Things that are better second time around, according to Brits


First times are special. Those first experiences of puppy love, discovering that one band that changed your life, or favourite foods hitting your tastebuds are all so magical. But are some things just that bit better the second time around? With less nerves and more knowledge of what to expect, perhaps these experiences are taken to the next level?

At the launch of our latest blu device, we’ve been thinking about those second times. After all, sometimes the sequel is better than the original, right? To dig deeper, we posed some questions to 2,058 UK adults aged 25 and above to find out just that.

What things are better second time around?

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Clearly, there are some things that get even better with time. For our sample, kissing and sex took the top spot overall, with 36.10% saying that these huge life milestones are better once the first time jitters are out the way. Wearing new shoes slid into second with 32.94% of the vote.

Next up is leftovers. For 32.94% of UK adults, takeaways and pizzas taste better the second time around. We don’t know the exact science behind it, but there’s something about fast food that makes it age like a fine wine. Plus, is there anything that brightens bleary eyes quicker after a night out than remembering you’ve got leftovers waiting for you downstairs? For example, cold pizza is a tried and tested Sunday saviour.

In the leftovers league table, takeaways and pizzas are second only to the classic Boxing Day buffet. Turkey butties, turkey curries, turkey everything, chuck in a few pigs in blankets for good measure and it’s Christmas Day all over again. For 28.04% of our respondents there’s nothing better, and it’s hard to disagree; especially if you got a little too into the Christmas spirit the night before.

Perhaps more surprisingly, reading a book for the second time takes fifth spot with 18.66% of the vote. While the thrill of an unexpected ending is spoiled, picking up on some bits of foreshadowing you may have missed first time round clearly strikes a chord. And, occasionally, it’s nice to dive back into your favourite fictional worlds for some escapism.

What would you most like to give another go?

Having a bash at a new hobby or project is always fun, but life has a real knack of getting in the way of side interests. Between increased responsibilities, at home and at work, as we get older, things we once dabbled in often fall by the wayside. That doesn’t always mean we lose interest altogether, though. Below are the top 5 things we’d most like to give another go (if we had the time!)

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What stops us from trying again?

No matter how much we’d like to give something another go, there’s often something holding us back. According to our survey, these barriers come from within. The top four blockers to dusting ourselves off and trying again boil down to our emotional responses to failure, as well as our confidence taking a tumble.

The top things which stop us from trying again:

  • Knocked confidence – 30.71%

  • Fear of failing – 29.49%

  • Worrying I’m not good at something – 26.04%

  • Embarrassment of failing – 25.12%

When it comes to hurdling these obstacles, the answers come from life lessons. When asked, our survey found ‘keep trying’ to be the best lesson for 35.08%, with ‘you don’t have to be good at everything’ in pole position with 40.67%. Perhaps we just need to listen to our own advice more often when it comes to trying things that didn’t go so well the first time.

What would you like to do for the first time again?

First-times are major milestones. Whether it’s meeting your first love, tasting independence for the first time in your own place or jetting off to a far-flung land, first times are often our most cherished memories.

With that in mind, the chance to experience those moments for the first time again is one most would grab with both hands, right? Well, not necessarily. We found that 20.41% of respondents couldn’t single out a thing they’d like to do for the first time again, claiming a higher percentage than any other option.

This could well be down to a fear of it not living up to lofty expectations after the first experience. While this consensus was backed by females, 19.63% of males said they’d most like to revisiting the first time they fell in love. Who says men can’t be romantic?

What would you never want to do again?

While life throws up plenty of experiences which we’d love to revisit, sometimes once is more than enough. From things which provoke age-old anxieties to those which cause outright emotional pain, our study highlighted events and moments we’d rather leave in the past.

Unsurprisingly, falling out with your nearest and dearest came in at number one. Family feuds are never nice and often complicated, certainly not something anyone wants to relive in a hurry.

This was quickly followed by public speaking, with the picture-them-naked trick not working for 22.89% of respondents. However, despite these two outliers, 21.53% said there’s nothing they wouldn’t try again, painting a much more positive view of our experiences!

  • Fall out with family members – 24.50%

  • Public speaking – 22.89%

  • There isn’t anything that I would never like to do again – 21.53%

  • Try to rekindle an old romance – 17.06%

  • Performing on stage – 15.16%

Giving second chances

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Forgiveness is pretty scary. After all, a ‘second chance’ only exists through being wronged the first time around. Opening ourselves up to more hurt and heartache is seldom a risk that’s taken lightly. Fool me once, as they say…

However, as our study found, there are a couple of situations where we’re more comfortable burying the hatchet. A runaway winner, 79.88% of UK adults said they would give a second chance to someone who broke an item they love, providing it was done accidentally, of course.

It’s almost an equal split when it comes to giving a second chance after being lied to by a friend or family member, however. 50.73% said they would, underlining the complex nature of such a relationship. The pendulum swings the other way when it comes to gossiping friends, though, with 58.26% saying they would not give these gossipers a second chance.

Can relationships work the second time around?

There are a multitude of reasons relationships don’t work out. Sometimes it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie, but often we’re left with unanswered questions. And, let’s face it, we’ve all had that one that got away. But is it a good idea to dive back in when a former lover re-enters the picture?

Well, 17.20% of UK adults responded that they’d like to give a failed relationship another go. Both males and females are on the same page for the reason behind this desire, citing regrets from the initial relationship to the tune of 48.44% and 46.91% respectively. Putting past mistakes to bed is strong motivation to get back together, particularly if the initial encounter ended without closure.

Hold your horses before firing out that text to an ex, though. You may well be looking back at your time together through rose tinted glasses. This is reflected by 17.06% of UK adults confessing that they would never want to try to rekindle an old romance, with 41.03% putting this down to being hurt the first time around.

Some flames are put out for a reason, but everyone’s situation is different. If you’re the one trying to reignite former sparks, our study did illuminate a potential path back into good graces. Apologising is the best place to start, with 58.50% of people singling saying sorry as the main reason for giving a second chance. Of course, actions can speak louder than words, with 51.75% needing to see that the person has changed first.

Once a cheat always a cheat?

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When it comes to infidelity, however, it may take a little more than an apology and some flowers. For most, being cheated on is unforgivable. If you’ve done the unthinkable and are hoping to grovel your way to a second chance, our study makes for grim reading.

74.25% of our respondents stated that they would not give a second chance to an unfaithful partner. There are a few factors that can tempt toward forbidden fruit, but for the most part the why’s and when’s are irrelevant. Of all the second-chance situations put forward in our study, cheating was second only to stealing for the strongest response.

If your partner is female, there’s even less likelihood of being given another chance. 80.02% of females would slam the door shut on a cheating partner, while males would leave it slightly more ajar, with 32.86% open to giving a second chance. Moral of the story – stay faithful if you want to stay together!

Our favourite thing that’s better second time round!

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