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Vape flavours to try this spring

spring flowers

Whether it’s trying out new recipes or exploring a different part of your wardrobe, change feels good, and why shouldn’t this extend to our vape flavours too?
With that in mind, the blu team has come up with our favourite flavours to vape in the spring months. Discover our five top liquids for this bright, breezy season below.

When is spring 2023?

The start of spring depends on whether you are looking at the astrological or meteorological calendar.

This year, astrological spring began on Monday 20th March 2023, and will end on Wednesday 21st June 2023.

Meteorological spring began on the first of March and ends on the last day of May.
Personally, we prefer the meteorological calendar, as it means we get to kick-start spring just that little bit earlier!

blu’s pick of spring vape flavours

1. Peach Ice

Peaches may actually be a summer fruit, but we can’t hold off until then! Their delicate floral notes seem just right for spring, and luckily we don’t have to wait for our Peach Ice blu bar to ripen to enjoy it. This sweet and fresh flavour will get you excited for even warmer days to come.

Available as a blu bar flavour at 20mg/ml strength.


2. Blueberry Ice

A mix of sweet blueberry and icy mint, this vape liquid is inspired by our myblu Blue Ice flavour and has proved a firm favourite in our blu 2.0 range. Blueberry Ice is also made with nic salts instead of freebase – as are all our blu 2.0 flavours - providing a smooth vaping experience. A mix of fresh and fruity, which pretty much sums up spring!

Available as a pod flavour for your blu 2.0 device.


3. Strawberry Ice

Strawberries have a distinctive taste that always reminds us of spring, with these bright red fruits coming into season from May. Add the freshness of mint and this flavour goes to new depths, making it an ideal accompaniment to a warm spring’s day.

Available as a blu bar flavour with 20mg/ml nicotine strength.


4. Green Apple

This tart e-liquid flavour has just enough sweetness for this time of year, when the flowers are beginning to bloom and the sun is getting stronger, but there is often a sharp breeze in the air.

Available as a mybluliquidpod and an e-liquid,and coming very soon as a blu 2.0 liquidpod!

green apple

5. Mint Chocolate

What happens in springtime? Easter! And what do most of us love to eat at Easter? Chocolate! For those of you who want to get creative with how you get that chocolatey taste, we’d recommend our Mint Chocolate vape liquid, where a fresh mint flavour complements rich cocoa.

Available as an e-liquid for your PRO device.

mint choc

Which are your favourite spring flavours?

Feeling inspired to break away from your normal order and try a new spring flavour for 2023? Give these options a go and let us know your favourite vape flavours for eliquid and liquidpods on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.