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VApril: The history of this vaping campaign & what to expect in 2023


Ever heard people talking about VApril but had no idea what they were talking about? Or, perhaps you know what it is but don’t know how it became the event that it is today?

No problem, as blu is here to give you the low down on the meaning and history of VApril. You’ll be an expert in no time!

What Is Vapril?

VApril is an annual vaping awareness that takes place throughout April. It’s the UK’s largest campaign promoting switching from smoking to vaping for Brits.

Lasting the entire month of April, VApril launched in 2018 and has continued every year since, sharing facts and dispelling myths about the benefits of making the switch. VApril is run by the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA).

In 2023, there is a new look VApril guide all around responsible vaping. It covers everything from responsibly disposing of devices to public vaping etiquette. It’s well worth a read.

The History Of VApril

2018: VApril launches!

The UKVIA launches VApril, its new month-long national vaping awareness campaign. The campaign encourages switching to vaping by giving smokers information about vaping and helping them to vape responsibly.

People are encouraged to take the Vape Challenge by trying a vape product instead of smoking during April and having the health impact of this monitored throughout the month.

First, participants are invited to sign up to a vaping masterclass at locations across the UK, where they are given a free vaping kit and are introduced to the range of e-cigarette devices and e-liquid flavours on the market. A six-page guide called “Vape to Break the Smoking Habit” is also offered to those taking part, as well as the opportunity to talk to fellow new vapers and share progress stories.

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2019: VApril turns two

VApril comes back bigger than ever in April 2019, with the campaign launching in London’s Leicester Square. Smokers are once again encouraged to switch to vaping, with 47 vape shops offering vaping masterclasses in 10 cities across the UK, and over 500 people taking the challenge.

VApril 2019 focuses on getting different people to speak about the benefits of vaping, with the VApril Speak Up for Vaping initiative bringing together vapers with parliamentarians and some of the industry’s key thinkers.

2020: VApril goes digital

After the unexpected coronavirus outbreak, VApril launched as a fully digital experience, continuing to provide specialist advice for those trying to quit smoking through various online platforms. Instead of retail stores hosting vaping classes, 2020 sees VApril engage audiences through social media and the dedicated VApril digital hub. People can access a free “Switch on to Vaping” guide as well as a vaper’s guide to Coronavirus, and can pose any questions they have online to an expert industry panel.

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2021: VApril stays digital!

The fourth annual VApril campaign was all about making it easier for people to access everything they need to vape from the comfort of their own home, with April 2021 still being in the midst of the pandemic.

In 2021, the digital hub was better than ever and the campaign makes a point of being even more inclusive, pointing out that VApril is not just for those looking to switch but for those who already vape, giving them access to information, support and advice so that they can get the most out of their e-cigarette.

2022: VApril is a fully hybrid experience

Last year’s edition went hybrid in order to reach the maximum number of people, meaning vaping support was available both digitally and in-person. Again, the campaign focussed on providing specialist advice to help people better understand vaping, including dispelling the misinformation that prevents people switching.

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2023: Being a responsible vaper

VApril is back once again for 2023, celebrating its sixth birthday. This year, as well as the usual education, there’s a focus on responsible vaping and sustainability, as seen in the revamped guide. The hashtag #VaprilWorks is also being promoted, allowing stories and inspiration to be shared. If you’ve got a story to tell, why not get involved? There is also a Stop Smoking, Start Vaping plan, which is available to download on their site during this month, filled with advice and guidance on making the switch.

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