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What is the cost of vaping?

what is the cost of vaping

If you’re a savvy saver, one of the biggest questions you’ll have about vaping is how much it costs. Like most things, the amount of money that you spend on vaping will vary based on who you are and what you’re used to – you could spend a small fortune on vaping but equally you can get up and running for relatively little.

The first decision you’ll have to make is whether to opt for an open-system or closed-system vape device. The main difference is how you refill your vape pen – open-system devices typically have a tank that you refill with e-liquid, while closed-system vape pens come with liquidpods or cartridges that you can switch in and out. If you’d like to know more about the difference between open-system and closed-system vape devices, check out our dedicated article here.

In this article, we’ll explain some of the basic costs of vaping. Along the way, we’ll use our range of flavours and 2 different devices – our closed-system myblumyblu™ and open-system blu PRO – to illustrate some of the choices available to you.

The cost of vape devices

The first thing you’ll need as a vaper is a vape pen! There are lots of different devices out there, including some advanced options for experienced vapers. But if you’re just setting out or you’re not sure which device is right for you, then an easy-to-use vape pen like our myblu™ device could be ideal for you. Our myblu™ Intense Starter Kit includes a myblu™ Vape Pen, USB charger and 2 Liquidpods.

Alternatively, our blu PRO Kit contains all the essentials – including a rechargeable device, clearomiser and USB cable – currently available from the blu store for £17.99.
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The cost of e-liquids

Whichever device you opt for, you’ll need something to vape. Make sure you buy an e-liquid or liquidpod that’s compatible with your particular vape pen – most manufacturers will sell their own brand alongside the device you’ve bought.

For blu, that means buying a bottle of blu Liquid to go in the blu PRO device, or a pack of myblu™ Liquidpods to click into the myblu™ Vape Pen.

Remember that you won’t be able to use your device if you don’t have any e-liquid or liquidpods left – consider buying yourself a spare pack for those moments when you run out unexpectedly, or just for when you fancy something different. Both our packs of liquidpods and bottles of e-liquid are small and handy, meaning they fit easily into the bottom of a handbag or the back of a glovebox.

How often will I have to refill my vape pen?

This is a difficult one to answer as it depends on how you vape. Each of our bottles of blu Liquid and each of our myblu™ Liquidpods will last on average for 300 puffs – so take some time to work out how many puffs you tend to take, and how many times a day you would like to vape.

For example, if you like to take 8 puffs of your e-cigarette every time you vape and you’re expecting to vape on average 3 times a day, then you will need to top up again after about 12 days. That means a monthly outlay of about £9.58 for blu PRO users or £7.19 for myblu™ users (as myblu™ liquidpods come in packs of 2).*

Once you’ve worked out how many puffs you think you will take every time you vape, and how many times a day you will vape, you can start to work out how much it will cost you every month. To make it easier, we’ve included some quick maths below. Remember that this is based on the price of blu’s liquids and liquidpods as stated online, while other brands might be more expensive.

If you take And vape... It will cost you...
8 puffs every time 3 times every day £9.58 (PRO ) or £7.19 (myblu™) a month |
| 10 puffs every time | 5 times every day | £19.95 (PRO ) or £14.98 (myblu™) a month
12 puffs every time 7 times every day £33.52 (PRO ) or £25.16 (myblu™) a month*


Although it may look like pod-based systems are cheaper, it’s not necessarily that straightforward. You should pick a device type based on the features and benefits it offers you. The cost you will spend on refilling will depend on a number of factors including what type of vaper you are, the brand and price point of the device and refills that you choose, and how your choice of device affects your behaviour as a vaper (for instance, the number of puffs you take each time you vape).

*Assumes 300 puffs per bottle/pod. Calculated based on the RRPs of blu liquid pods and bottles as at 25/01/2021.

The cost of vape Spares

To finish off, you can choose to personalise your purchase with some spares. You could spend money buying a custom sleeve for your device or covering it in 24-carat gold! Or, with many devices, you might find that everything you need is already in the starter kit and you don’t need to spend any more money.

Here at blu, we concentrate on offering spares that our blu PRO users may lose or forget to take with them. That’s why our range of spares consists of a blu PRO™ Rechargeable Battery Device and a blu PRO™ Clearomiser Tank. If you happen to misplace either part of your blu PRO, it means you can get back up and running without buying a whole new device, unlike many closed-system vape pens.

Regardless of whether you’re an open-system or closed-system kind of person, you can still get one of our standalone myblu™ Vape Pens as a second device. Available in a range of four colours, they fit easily into bags, coat pockets and desk drawers meaning you won’t be at a loss if you leave your usual device at home. Get one now from the blu store for £9.99

Still got questions? If there’s something we’ve missed or you want to talk about which device is right for you, then get in touch. You can call us, email us or start a new webchat.



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