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18th May 2023

What to pack for a summer holiday

Beach an sunbed

The days are getting longer. Temperatures are slowly but surely rising. Whisper it quietly, but summer is right around the corner, and that can only mean one thing – holiday time.

Whether you’re jetting off to a tropical paradise, exploring historical cities, or lounging by the pool, summer holidays are the perfect opportunity to kick back and create memories. One way to ensure a stress-free voyage to full relaxation is to make sure you’re well prepared. This starts with knowing what to pack.

With so much to pack (and such little space if you’re not forking out for hold luggage) it can seem a daunting task. Fear not – the intrepid travellers at blu have put together the ultimate list of things to pack for holiday.

Travel documents

Passports and boarding passes

Yes, we know you’ve doubled checked, but maybe check once more for good luck. Nothing dampens the holiday spirit quite like patting your passport-less pockets when you arrive at the airport. Additionally, always take some other ID with you, like a driver’s license or national ID card.

Be sure to check that you’ve plenty of wiggle room on your passport’s expiry date, too. You’ll need at least 3 months left on your current passport for the majority of destinations, with some requiring a minimum of 6 months. If in doubt, check the country’s entry requirements at the time of booking to avoid delays. Better safe than sorry.


Travel insurance

Without running the risk of sounding like a worried Mum, accidents happen. Travel insurance is crucial and can save you heaps if the worst occurs. It provides coverage for medical emergencies, cancellations, lost luggage and other unexpected situations that could crop up on your adventures. Pack a copy of your travel insurance policy, just in case.

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Sun protection essentials

With your passport in hand, it’s time for the fun stuff – sunshine. It’s no secret that us Brits are a little sun-starved, which is why we flock to warmer climates in the summer.

Of course, not protecting against the sun can be dangerous. Sun protectors are essentials to pack for a holiday. As well as limiting exposure to rays during the hottest hours of the day, there are some vital things you can pack ahead to keep the burns and blisters at bay.

  • Sun cream – minimum of SPF30

  • Aftersun lotion

  • Lip balm

  • Sun hats

  • Sunglasses with UV protection

  • Clothing with UV protection

  • Reusable water bottle


Swimming and beach gear

We’ve all caught ourselves daydreaming about beaches and crystal clear pools during those long winter months. Whether you're planning to simply lounge under the sun, take a dip in the ocean, or engage in water sports and activities, having the right swimming and beach gear is essential.

• Swimwear – shorts, bikinis, swimsuits, armbands for kids etc
• Beach towels
• Beach bag
• Sandals and flip flops
• Water shoes
• Money belt/bum bag
• Goggles
• Cover-up beach clothing

beach gear

A good book

No pool or beach packing checklist would be complete without some reading materials. Holidays are all about escapism, and there’s no better way to take your mind on a trip than with a book you can read while laying back and relaxing.

Our favourite books about vaping

With endless lists of the best books for holiday reading out there, we thought we’d put one together for vapers looking to read about their favourite pastime. Here’s a look at the top 5 vaping books we’ll be stowing away in our hand luggage this summer.

  • Vaping 101: History of Vaping by James Hale
    One for the history buffs among us. Authored by a noted vaping expert, this book takes you as far back as thousands of years ago before heading on a voyage to the birth of electronic cigarettes and beyond. This is as well-researched as they come and sure to keep you locked in.

  • The Art And Science Of Vaping by Brett Kelly
    Whether you’re a vaping newbie or just eager to take a peak under the hood of the industry, this is a must-read. All your questions are answered here, packaged in an easy-to-read manner that’s perfect for a lazy day by the pool.

  • I Want To Vape! By Donald Blakely
    This is another great guide to vaping as a whole. Written in a conversational tone, there’s a wicked sense of humour that runs throughout, which is sure to keep your eyes on the page.

  • Cloud Vaping – The 4 Generations Of Electronic Cigarettes Explained by Shane Alexander
    Ideal for vapers at all levels, this book offers a personal account of long time vapers experiences as well as offering sage advice along the way.

  • Big Vape: The Incendiary Rise of Juul by Jamie Duchame
    Reading like a thriller, this eye-opening peek into the world of vaping is sure to keep you gripped. It’s a wonderful piece of reporting that shocks with every turn of a page.


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Clothing and footwear

Packing light is the key to your summer holiday clothing, both in quantity and style terms. You don’t want to pack your entire wardrobe, and you’ll likely want to leave your anorak and jumpers at home. Tailor your clothing choices to the duration of your stay as well as your destination, keeping local customs in mind.

When it comes to footwear, it’s all about comfort. Chances are, between exploring the sights and walking between poolside and hotel bar, you’ll be far exceeding your recommended 10k daily steps. Opt for a trusty pair you don’t mind wearing for a few days in a row to prevent your luggage space getting eaten up by footwear.


Electronic items

Holidays can be a welcome escape from screens, but you’ll still want to pack some electronics. From navigating between attractions and snapping those breath-taking views on your smartphone, to portable speakers for getting the party started and let’s not forget your vape charger! there’s a few gadgets to consider bringing along for the trip.

You’ll also need to make sure you’ve got a travel adapter suitable for your destination. Different countries often have varying plug types, so carrying a universal travel adapter ensures you can charge your devices wherever you go.

  • Smartphone/tablet and chargers

  • Power bank or portable charger

  • Headphones

  • Travel adaptors

  • Portable speaker

  • Entertainment for the flight i.e. games console or e-reader

  • Vape charger


Remember that any liquids you take as hand luggage will need to be in maximum 100ml containers and placed in a clear bag. You can pick up travel-sized items beforehand to ensure you don’t get caught out.

Here’s a quick run-through of the essential toiletries to pack for your summer holiday:

  • Wash bag

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Shampoo

  • Deodorant

  • Face creams and moisturisers

  • Hygiene products and wipes

  • Microfibre towel

  • Hairbrush

Get summer ready with blu

If you’re anything like us, your vape device will be high on the packing list too. Of course, depending on where you’re travelling to, and your method of travel, you may not be able to take yours with you. Should your destination allow it, you can also buy blu abroad in a number of countries.

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