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What’s the difference between myblu™ and blu 2.0?


We get it, change can be a scary thing. When faced with new experiences, fear of the unknown can make us cling onto familiar comforts. For years, the myblu™ device may have been a constant in your vaping experience. The old reliable that always hits the mark. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right?

Well, what if we told you change can be a good thing? In the world of vaping devices, there’s a new kid on the block. The blu 2.0 is the latest addition to the blu family, bigger, more advanced and longer lasting than its sibling.

While the myblu™ walked so the blu 2.0 could run, its advanced features allow it to take much bigger strides than ever before.

What is the difference between the myblu™ and blu 2.0? Here, we pit them head-to-head to showcase the improvements that have been made across a number of key features.

Blu 2.0 vs myblu

Comparison table

Battery capacity

Power – blu 2.0’s 400mAh vs myblu’s 350mAh
Puffs per charge – blu 2.0’s 262 vs myblu’s 193 (based on average usage)

A hefty battery capacity is the key to a long-lasting vape device. No one wants to be having to constantly charge their device or to worry about regular low battery warnings. While the myblu™’s 350mAh capacity is by no means poor, we’ve enhanced the capacity of the blu 2.0 to 400mAh.

The difference is plain to see. You can expect 69 extra puffs per charge with our updated device (based on average usage), ensuring a longer-lasting vaping experience than before. This enhances the overall enjoyment, as well as offering added piece of mind that you won’t be let down when on the go. A win-win for the blu 2.0.

Device length

Blu 2.0 – 112mm
myblu™ – 107mm

The length of your vaping device can determine how easy it is to use and how comfortable it is to handle. While the 5mm may not seem overly substantial at first glance, it really can make all the difference. The enhanced length, including the pod, makes the device feel far more comfortable and secure in both the hand and mouth, as well as truly making it much easier to use.


blu 2.0 device | blog | in article | image

Another exciting upgrade we’ve made is the introduction of PowerTap.

Since the launch of the myblu™, vape innovation has stepped up a gear. To keep up with the times, upgrades aren’t just a luxury but a necessity.

PowerTap allows you to quickly and easily check your battery level, with a quick three-tap to your blu 2.0 showing you your charge by colour – blue means high, yellow is medium and red is low. When you see it hit red, time to charge up! Which leads us nicely on to…


Blu 2.0 – 50cm cable length, USB-C compatible
myblu™ – 35cm cable length, Micro USB compatible

The switch to USB-C compatibility is a further sign of moving with the times. By enabling charging with USB-C, the charger is also compatible with other smart devices, a feature which is absent from the myblu™ device.

As an added bonus, the extra 15cm cable length is a nice touch, offering enhanced charging capabilities.

charger Webp video | in article | image

Pod volume

Blu 2.0 – 1.9ml, 292 puffs per pod (based on average usage)
myblu™ – 1.5ml, 232 puffs per pod (based on average usage)

A vaping device is only as good as its pod. We’ve not only overhauled the device itself, but the flavour pods too, creating a sensation which lasts longer than its previous iteration. With a 0.4ml increase in volume, you can expect enhanced value from every pod.

Pod technology

Blu 2.0 – Ceramic with magnetic retention
myblu™ – Cotton wick with click retention

We understand that vaping isn’t just about the vapour. The entire sensory experience makes it what it is. By upgrading the pod technology from a cotton wick construction to ceramic, this is a superior, premium touch. For enhanced security and stability, we’ve also implemented a magnetic retention system to ensure the pod is held securely in place.

Get ready for the blu 2.0

The blu 2.0 is evidence that change isn’t always a bad thing. In the meantime, our much-enjoyed myblu™ devices can be picked up in the run-up to the launch.
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