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23 June 2022

Where in the world is vaping most popular?


The popularity of vaping has been on an upward trajectory for some time. While, in some parts of the world, that popularity is clear to see in the culture and everyday life, in others it’s an afterthought.

Let’s take a round the world trip, from the bustling streets of New York City to the tranquil tea houses of Japan, to find out where vaping is most popular.

How many people vape in the world?

Latest figures estimate that there are 82 million vapers in the world. However, vaping trends can vary significantly across countries and regions due to factors such as cultural attitudes, regulatory frameworks, accessibility of vaping products, and public health campaigns. Therefore, obtaining precise global figures for vaping usage can be challenging. But, let’s just say, there’s a LOT of vapers out there.

Where is vaping popular?

Here’s a look at a handful of the places where vaping is most popular.

United Kingdom


In recent years, vaping has become as visible on British shores as the old staple fish and chips. In fact, according to ASH, vape usage has recently hit record highs in the UK. It’s fair to say the UK has embraced e-cigarettes, backed by a regulatory framework that’s played a pivotal role in its growth and acceptance.

Vapes first hit the UK market in 2005, and their popularity has steadily grown ever since. Two years following their emergence, the 2007 smoking ban came into place, where it became illegal to smoke in most indoor areas in the UK. Vaping, particularly off the back of technological advancements such as disposable vapes, has become a viable alternative.

The rise in popularity has meant more materials and products being made. At blu, we believe in taking responsibility. That’s why we’ve set up a safe disposal scheme to help vapers dispose of everything from e-liquids to devices in a safe manner.

The vaping community in the UK is also vibrant and active. Vaping-related events, such as expos, conventions, and competitions, attract enthusiasts from across the country and serve to highlight the popularity of vaping in the UK.

United States

American flag

Hopping over the Atlantic, the USA is another hotbed for vapers. Its introduction to the market and surge in popularity follows a similar trend as the UK. 1 in 20 US adults are now reported to use e-cigs and, well, there’s quite a few people over there.

The US vape product market, which is the largest in the world, is reportedly worth $6.2bn. It’s a pretty big deal in the land of the free, which only goes to underline just how popular it is.

The availability of diverse flavours, accessibility of vaping products, harm reduction approaches, and active vaping communities have significantly contributed to vaping’s ever-growing popularity in the USA.


Canada Flag

According to an official survey, 5% of Canadians reported that they regularly engage in vaping. In a nation of 38.25 million people (and a few moose and bears to boot), it’s fair to say that’s a significant figure.

General regulations are lax in the Great White North when it comes to where you can vape. However, there are regional regulations to bear in mind, which may reduce popularity in certain areas. Provinces such as British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario, have reported higher rates of vaping compared to other regions, some of which have implemented restrictions in public spaces.

Canada has also witnessed the emergence of unique vape shops and lounges offering personalised services. Fun fact: there are vape shops that offer unique services like custom flavour blending, allowing vapers to create their own personalised e-liquids. Much like their American cousins, flavour accessibility is one of the leading reasons for its popularity.


French flag

There are 3 million people who say oui to vaping in France, accounting for 5.59% of the adult population.

France hosts various vaping events throughout the year. One such event is Vapexpo, which brings together vaping enthusiasts, professionals, and industry leaders to showcase the latest products, attend educational sessions, and even witness some fun competitions.

There’s also an array of arty vape shops dotted around, with a trendy and stylish atmosphere, reminiscent of chic Parisian boutiques.

Disposables, known as ‘puffs’ in France, have become particularly on-trend. There is, however, a potential ban hanging over their head which could come into play by the end of the year. It will remain to be seen what impact such action would have on vaping popularity in France moving forward.


Germany flag

With a whopping 1.5 million,adult%20vaping%20prevalence%20of%202.1%25.) e-cigarette users in the country, and an industry worth over $400million, Germany is one of the more vape-friendly countries in Europe. Largely liberal in terms of places you can vape, within reason, public opinion toward vaping as a cessation tool is generally positive.

The popularity of vaping in Germany is plain to see, as it’s the home to the Europe’s largest vaping expo, Hall of Vape. With over 7500 visitors flocking to the latest edition, it’s a melting pot of vaping enthusiasts who all get together to share their passion.


Japan flag

Japan is in an interesting spot when it comes to vaping. While it is perfectly legal to vape, and rules around places to vape are relaxed, it’s actually illegal to purchase e-liquid containing nicotine due to a nationwide ban. Despite this, Japan has one of the largest vaping markets in the world.

If you don’t mind zero-nic e-liquids, you’re free to vape in most spaces in Japan, which 0.5% of the adult population takes advantage of. Politeness and respect are huge parts of Japanese culture, however, and vapers often choose to take a more discreet approach than Western users in areas where non-vapers may come into contact with vapor.

Where is vaping not so popular?

While vaping has gained popularity in many countries around the world, there are still regions where it is not as widely embraced, whether through regulation, cultural restraints, or personal taste.

Vaping is not as prevalent in many Middle Eastern countries due to cultural and religious factors. The use of tobacco products, including traditional hookah or shisha, is more deeply ingrained in the culture, and there may be less acceptance and awareness of vaping as an alternative.

Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand and Singapore have also implemented strict regulations and bans on vaping products, including e-cigarettes and e-liquids. Many African nations and Eastern European countries also have less interest, for reasons of exposure and regulation.

Be sure to consult our definitive list of global vaping laws before you pack your vape device when going globetrotting.

Wherever you go, choose blu

Vaping has become a global phenomenon, with various corners of the world embracing it. If you’re heading off for the summer, however, it’s important to understand different attitudes and cultures when it comes to vaping.

With everything from vape devices to e-liquids to choose from, blu has everything you need to improve your vaping experience, wherever you are.

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