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How to & guides

vaping tips for beginners

5 vaping tips from the pros for beginners

From how to draw on the vape to which kit to use – there’s a lot to get your head round when you first vape.
what is flavour ghosting

What is flavour ghosting and how can I prevent it?

What can you do to prevent 'flavour ghosting', one of the biggest frustrations for vapers?
blu PRO™

How the blu PRO™ Kit works

Our guide to the blu PRO™ device will have you vaping like… well, like a pro.
Couple with devices

How to store your vape pen and liquidpod

We've got some pointers on how to store your device, plus a few things to avoid.
how to refill vape liquid

How to refill your vape pen

There's no shortage of choice when it comes to flavour. Find out how to refill your device.
blu 2.0

What is an all-day vape?

One of the benefits of vaping is the choice it offers, with a wide selection of flavours and nicotine strengths.
blu 2.0

Vaping glossary

An A to Z of vaping jargon – from atomisers and batteries to VG and wick.

How do I inhale vapour the right way?

The first step to vaping is knowing how to inhale. It doesn't take long to master.
Blu e-liquids

A guide to vaping liquids

Having a bit of background knowledge about the liquids that go inside a vaping pen can give you a better understanding of why it’s become such a popular (and much healthier) alternative to smoking.
flavours e-liquids

Vape flavour guide

Whether you’re an experienced user or are discovering vaping for the first time, choosing an e-liquid flavour that works for you can be quite the challenge.
Cotton buds in a glass jar

How to Maintain Your Vape

Depending on the type of device you use, regular maintenance of your vape could be essential.
Image of world with circular flavours

Vaping Around the World: How Different Countries Prefer Different Flavours

American vapers like tobacco flavours but vaping in Japan is most likely nicotine free, discover the different vaping preferences around the world, here.
Green garden

Vaping Alfresco: Garden Decoration Ideas For The Perfect Vape Space

The summer months are perfect for enjoying the outdoors, and where better to relax and vape than your own garden?
Nerudia Lab Blu

How are E-Liquid (Vape juice) Made?

How e-liquids (commonly known as ‘vape juice’) are made, and the quality controls involved are not to be taken lightly. Read this article to understand the process of how e-liquids are made.
person on sofa with laptop

Superstores, Independents and Brand Shops: Which is the Best Vape Shop?

Pondering the best vape store? Then discover the benefits of shopping at an independent store, online at a vape superstore, and directly from vape brands.
vape 101 new

Vaping 101: Your Questions Answered

30 May 2022 - Whether you’re a vaping newbie, having recently made the switch from smoking, or you have been vaping for a while, there’s sure to be some questions on the tip of your tongue.
blu 2.0 device

Let us know your vaping tips!

At blu we’re always looking to give you the inside scoop on how to get the best out of our products - from technical advice to handy hints.
Autumn October

Making a change? Here's our guide to blu vape devices

With so many people switching to vape devices, you might also be considering making a change.
Tennis Court

Can I Vape At The US Open Tennis Championships 2021?

This summer’s busy sporting calendar has still got one of the best spectacles up its sleeve. But can you vape at the US Open?

Can you book a holiday for £100?

Forgotten to book a summer holiday and trying to cram something in last minute? We've got some sub-£100 holiday hacks.
blu hand device

The History of Vaping: From the Twenties to Today

When was the first vape ever made and when did vaping become popular? Visit the blu blog today to find out how the e-cig has evolved over the years.
ecig on table

How to turn on and use your vape pen

It's an exciting time and there are lots of different vape products on the market, so it's important to take some advice.

Vaping tips and tricks

When you first start vaping, you want to make sure you’ve got all the essentials. We've got the main tips and tricks covered.

How do e-cigarette batteries work?

All e-cigarettes are powered by batteries located inside the e-cig itself and can be charged and recharged multiple times.
Blu's Festivals

Blu’s guide to vaping at festivals

Festival season is upon us. We’ve put together a few tips on how to clean and charge your e-cigarettes at a festival.
garage band group

How to Inhale Vape Properly: Tips for Using Your Device and Drawing Vapour

Understanding how vaping works and the technique that comes with it is paramount to enjoying the experience.
blu 2.0 pods

Vaping Inside? Here’s How It Affects Your Surroundings

As the weather turns cooler, some of us may be tempted to vape in our homes, with the cold and rain not exactly providing a relaxed smoking environment.
How blu PRO™ works

blu Reviews

Have you recently bought a blu product and want to share your opinion of it? If so, we’d love to hear what you thought.
Blu vape shop on corner of street

Where to Buy Electronic Cigarettes?

When it comes to where to buy e-cigarettes, there are multiple options available to you. Discover the ways to buy e-cigarettes online and on the high-street below.

How to use your blu 2.0

Learn everything you need to know about using the new blu 2.0 device. From charging to inhalation, your questions are answered here.