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A guide to vaping liquids

Blu e-liquids

Whether you’ve decided to make the switch to vaping or are still debating it, having a bit of background knowledge about the liquids that go inside a vaping pen can give you a better understanding of why it’s become such a popular (and much healthier) alternative to smoking.

From what substances e-liquids are made from to how to choose the right kind of e-liquid for your e-cigarette, we’ve put together a detailed guide on everything you need to know about vaping liquids.

First of all, what are e-liquids?

Also known as vaping fluid or vape juice, e-liquid is, put simply, the liquid placed inside an e-cigarette’s clearomiser (storage chamber). It gets heated up and inhaled as you use it, making it crucial that it’s not only safe to breathe in but also tastes great, too.

E-liquid may contain nicotine depending on your preferences, and it can come in a huge variety of flavours to make your vaping experience much more pleasurable.

Are there any chemicals in vaping liquids?

No. E-liquids don’t contain all the harsh chemicals that are present in cigarettes. The majority are made up of just a few ingredients – water, flavourings, nicotine and propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerine.

All our vape liquids are made in the USA using both imported and domestic ingredients. We maintain high standards and only use the best products in our e-liquids to ensure quality and safety guidelines are met.

What’s the difference between propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine?

Often written as PG and VG, these two substances are essential components of vape juice. They’re both odourless and colourless liquids that serve as a base for e-liquid flavourings and help intensify them as you inhale.

Propylene glycol (PG)

This is a substance that’s derived from a petroleum by-product. It’s completely safe to ingest and is found in a number of everyday products, from makeup to medicine. It allows for a stronger flavour than VG and has a thinner consistency, making it less likely to clog up your vape pen.

Vegetable glycerine (VG)

As you might have guessed, VG is taken from vegetable oils — this definitely makes it safe to inhale as they’re commonly found in foods! It has a higher resistance to heat than PG, meaning you’re less likely to have a burning taste if you choose an e-liquid with a fully or mostly VG base. The downside to it is that it can be quite gloopy and leave residue in your vaping pen’s clearomiser.

Are there different strengths of e-liquid?

Yes, e-liquid comes in different strengths depending on how much nicotine you would like to inhale. At blu, we sell our products in two nicotine strength options: 0.8% and 1.6%.

These options allow you to reduce your nicotine intake — if you so choose — at your own pace and much more easily than you could with cigarettes. Being able to choose your nicotine levels therefore makes vaping a great solution for those who are trying to quit smoking but are still suffering from nicotine withdrawal.

For something stronger, you can also opt for our intense line of vaping liquids which have the higher nicotine percentage and provide a stronger, quicker kick when you’re inhaling them. They’re made using nicotine salts to provide a more intense nicotine hit, and they come in a slightly smaller selection of flavours than our regular range.

Can you use any e-liquid in a vape pen?

What type of e-liquid you opt for will very much depend on which e-cigarette you’ve decided to buy. At blu, we sell two different kinds of vaping device, which offer different experiences and have different liquid formats.

  1. myblu__ – Perfect for those after something small and smart, our myblue e-cigarettes take 1-click liquidpods that allow you to effortlessly change flavours within seconds

  2. blu PRO__ – These vape pens boast long-lasting batteries and they have tanks in them which can be refilled with e-liquid

What liquids can you put in a vape pen?

You should only put e-liquids bought from a proper retailer into your vape pen, making sure you purchase the right kind for your particular type of vape. If you’ve bought a blu e-cigarette, you should stick to the recommended liquid for your particular model.

How long does vaping liquid usually last?

How often you need to replace your vaping liquid will depend on a number of things, from the type of vape pen you own to how often you use it. In general, you’ll probably need to replace the cartridge or top up the liquid when the flavour of your e-liquid becomes less intense and produces less vapour when you inhale it.

If you’re only an occasional vaper, it’s best to only place e-liquid in your e-cigarette as and when you use it to avoid the liquid becoming stale and losing its potency.

Can you use expired vape juice?

The sell by date on our e-liquids is intended as a general guide rather than a rule. Even so, it’s best to not use vaping liquid that has gone past its sell by date as, although not usually dangerous, it can mean it has a weaker flavour. This could result in a less than perfect vaping experience.

How do you put vaping liquid in a vape pen?

The answer to this depends on the sort of vaping pen you own. Most of our blu vapes are closed systems that take cartridges or pods. These can be easily removed and then a new one popped in as a replacement.

If you have an open system vape with a refillable tank such as our blu ACE, you’ll need to place the liquid in manually. This will involve unscrewing the battery and mouthpiece from the clearomiser and then slowly squeezing the e-liquid in using the medicine-style nozzle on its bottle.

How do I stop my new vaping liquid tasting like my old one?

So you’ve decided to switch over flavours in your open system e-cigarette but are worried that it might still taste like the old flavour. This is known as ‘flavour ghosting’ and it’s an easy problem to solve.

Firstly, you’ll want to lay out some kitchen towel on a flat surface and then unscrew your mouth piece and battery from your e-cigarette’s clearomiser. Run the mouthpiece and clearomiser under running water for several minutes to remove any residue and then leave them to dry standing up on the towels. You may need to repeat this with the clearomiser if it’s particularly gunky.

Make sure both components are completely dry before putting your e-cigarette back together. You should then be able to refill it with a new vape juice without the threat of a lingering old flavour.

What are the best e-liquids?

We strongly believe that the e-liquids we sell at Blu are some of the best on the market. That’s because we stick to strict guidelines and only use the highest quality ingredients to ensure a prime taste and fantastic overall vaping experience.

How should I choose my vape liquid?

As vaping fluid comes in dozens of different flavours, which one you choose will largely come down to your personal preferences. Traditional tobacco provides a similar taste to a cigarette (which is great for those who have recently switched from smoking), while minty menthol e-liquid is refreshing.

Fruitier options like strawberry and blueberry offer sweeter flavours.

All our vaping liquids have been carefully tested and created to ensure they have the best taste possible. This can help enhance your vaping experience and make it more pleasant for both yourself and those around you.

Check out our full range of flavoured vape liquids for blu e-cigarettes that come in various nicotine strengths to suit your needs.



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