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Best halloween costumes for vapers


This Halloween, vamp it up and make a frighteningly shocking entrance at your Halloween event with one of our adult Halloween costume ideas – with a coloured blu bar vape to match.

To prepare for the big day you’ll need to drag all of your decorations out of the cardboard box in the attic, buy sweets before half a neighbourhood’s worth of trick-or-treaters descend on your front door, and, most importantly, find a great costume to wear.

But which costume will really help you stand out this year? After all, pretty much any good idea in memory has been overdone, and on top of that you can guarantee that every other person you run into will go as someone from the year’s hottest movies or TV shows. Being a Michael Myers in a room full of Michael Myers isn’t so special.

Luckily for you, blu has put together a short list of the best costumes to wear this Halloween to show off your vaping colours by using your e-cig as a prop in your costume! Choose one of these costumes and let everyone know that you’re proud to be a vaper, as well as making sure you stand out from the crowd this Halloween. We have one for every level of effort, from minimal to hard-core, meaning you can do as little or as much as you like.

Best Halloween Costumes for Vapers | Image in article

Minimal effort: The Magician

Disappear into puffs of vapour with this vape-friendly Halloween costume. Simply wear a plain, white shirt with black suit trousers or a skirt (bonus points for a jaunty waist coat), get your hands on a bow tie, a black top hat, white gloves, a cape, and of course a wand, and you’re ready to go.

The best part of this look? Any time you get into a boring conversation, you have the perfect escape! Add a toy white bunny to your hat and a Tropical Mix blu bar for a peach and mango flavour and your costume is complete.

Low effort: The Volcano

Your e-cig will serve as a great prop as a part of your volcano costume, providing the perfect aesthetic when you exhale clouds of vapour.

To put this idea into action, wear brown clothes underneath and then get a hold of a cheap pair of yellow and red t-shirts. Cut vertical strips off of the t-shirts, leaving the collar on both, with long lines leading down from each. Putting these on over the brown underlayer will give the effect of molten lava spewing. It may be worth tracing these lines before cutting the t-shirts.

For even greater effect, you could dye your hair red and yellow to mimic the lava, or grey to imitate the ash coming from the volcano. Add our orange Peach Ice blu bar for a sweet and fresh peach flavour and vape like a volcano every now and then for the full effect.

Medium effort: The Dragon

Whether you go contemporary or traditional, not much is going to beat this mythical beast! You’ll be able to find plenty of pre-made dragon costumes out there, but if you want to make your own it’s a great chance to get creative and give your costume a personal touch. You can make the mask by cutting and painting a plain face mask, or even making your own out of papier-mâché - just make sure that this ghoulish green colour scheme matches the outfit’s accompanying clothes.

Try to find clothes that will give your outfit a particularly scaly look, such as something with a diamond shape pattern or a shimmery texture. The wings can be made by tracing your desired shape onto large pieces of card before cutting, painting and decorating. Attach the wings to two looped pieces of string so you can wear them rather than sticking them to your shirt.

Add our dragon-green Kiwi Passionfruit blu bar for a unique combination of kiwi and passionfruit flavours and spend your evening eerily exhaling vapour from your nose from time to time like a dragon!

blu bars | Image in article

High effort: The Steam Train

This costume requires the most arts and crafts and is also the most difficult to walk around in, being an awkward shape. However, it is very much worth it for the chance to win best costume award!

The best way to get it done is to have a large box that slips over you for the main part of the train with a small, cylindrical tube attached to the front to serve as the front of the train. You can also create a chimney out of an old toilet roll tube, fixing this to your front tube to give your train its unmistakable finish.

You can attach a pair of braces to the main box to make sure you don’t have to cling on to it all night, and you can use the spare circular cut-outs from the smaller tubes as wheels on the side of your train. For the more adventurous costume makers among you, cut a series of holes from the main box to the chimney so you can blow your vape through and give your train an even more realistic feel.

For an autumnal Halloween colour vape to accessorise, go for a Mango Ice blu bar, a tropical mango taste with a note of freshness and then vape like you’re a steam train at unnerving intervals – a terrifyingly menacing runaway ghost train, obviously!

Don’t forget to check if the Halloween party you’re going to is vape-friendly, because if not, you may be only allowed to vape outside – in the mysterious darkness… to probably even greater effect!

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