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How are E-Liquid (Vape juice) Made?

Nerudia Lab Blu

To some extent, we all want to try our hand at new things. Among numerous driving factors, learning new skills and making things from scratch can be great money savers.

Understandably, now more than ever, this is at the forefront of peoples’ minds. But, learning new skills for financial gain, or otherwise, should never come at the expense of our personal safety.

Making your own liquid (vape juice) is no exception to this. If you vape, it’s important to be aware of the rigorous checks and balances that are conducted, from design to point of purchase.

This article highlights the process behind how e-liquids are made and why it may be best to leave it to the professionals.

How Do We Ensure Quality?

At Blu®, we know that combining the high quality liquid ingredients that make our products can’t just happen anywhere. That’s why all our liquids are designed, tested and produced by Nerudia, (the world’s largest integrated nicotine products and services company), alongside its specialists at their quality control lab in Liverpool.

Their team of analysists work to the highest possible standards every day to make sure all Blu® products reach optimum levels of quality and reliability. Additionally, they offer full traceability from raw materials to finished product.

Every team member wears highly protective clothing to avoid cross-contamination from the outside world, upholding the highest hygiene standards throughout the process.

How E-Liquids (Vape Juice) Made?

Nerudia starts the journey with nicotine which is extracted from Indian tobacco. In Switzerland, Nerudia works with the world's largest supplier of ultrapure nicotine to purify it under pharmaceutical GMP conditions to strict product specifications.

Back in Liverpool, once the ingredients have been combined, the team will conduct up to 90 tests a day on the liquid that goes into the myBlu® pods, evaluating:

  • Nicotine content – For all the variants to check the concentration is correct.

  • Ratio of ingredients – To check the liquids contain the right amount of each component.

  • Scent testing – To make sure the product smells as it should.

  • Colour/appearance testing – To make sure the product looks as it should.

After being tested, the liquid is transported to our production line where the team works to assemble the final products. On the production line, the team produces approximately 50,000 myBlu® pods every day.

Throughout the production and assembly process, samples are constantly taken for vigorous testing and in process checks made to ensure what reaches our customers is of the highest specification.

The myBlu® device itself was launched after two years of careful development and testing to ensure it meets the needs of today’s vapers.

What Are Our E-Liquid Ingredients?

It’s fairly evident then, that the process itself of how e-liquids are made comes with a substantial amount of expertise. But what about the actual e-liquid ingredients? Here we dive into the details of what makes Blu® special.

The liquids in myBlu® pods are made up of just 5 ingredients
• Propylene glycol – A very common ingredient found in food and cosmetics, this is used to deliver different experiences for customers, such as intensity of the throat sensation.

• Vegetable glycerine – Another common ingredient, also used to deliver different experiences for Blu® vapers, such as density of the vapor plumes.

• Flavourings.

• Nicotine (or Nicotine lactate for myblu Intense®).

• Water.

Trusting Blu®, Over You

With over a decade of experience in the vaping sector and working with the brightest scientific minds, including Hon Lik (inventor of the e-cigarette), Blu® continues to lead innovation and quality for the industry.

We understand the level of work that is needed not only to be industry leading, but to make sure what we offer meets high safety standards. Unfortunately, the same cannot always be said when vapers take it upon themselves to combine e-liquid ingredients.

To make your own e-liquids may sound like a money saving alternative, but the risks of DIY vape juice recipes lay in the lack of capacity for due diligence, with vapers potentially sourcing the ingredients and processes from illegitimate sources online. This means the important checks and balances, such as the ones Blu® practice on a daily basis, may be skipped.

Our liquid comes in many flavours, but more importantly has quality assurance guaranteed.

Still Unsure? Talk to Us

We want the best for all our customers, so if you feel like you need to learn more about our products or vaping more generally, get in touch. We’re always happy to help in any way we can.