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Vaping Alfresco: Garden Decoration Ideas For The Perfect Vape Space

Green garden

However, when your outdoor space doesn’t meet your aesthetic or practical requirements, the thought of venturing out can be off-putting.

Luckily, blu is here to help transform your home exterior with our outdoor garden décor ideas. Get ready to create the ultimate alfresco vape space, perfect for those warm summer evenings (or unexpected showers!)

What’s important when designing your outdoor vape space?

  • Deciding upon a theme

  • Creating wind-and-rain-proof shelter

  • Incorporating lighting

  • Maximising comfort

  • Highlighting nature

How to find a garden style that you love

The best place to start is by browsing online or through magazines to find a style that suits you. Some people may find it helpful to think of their garden as a continuation of their interior decor, allowing them to create a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor living. Others may want their exterior to feel completely different – perhaps like stepping out into a tropical paradise or onto a Mediterranean terrace.

Once you have found this theme, you will find it easier to start picking out your furnishings, matching them together to create a harmonious aesthetic.

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How to weather-proof your garden for vaping

No matter what season it is, bad weather is always possible, and you’ll be more tempted to vape in your garden if it shields you from getting wet or cold. There are so many options for creating shelter, from full summer houses to pop-up gazebos that can be moved and removed at the drop of a hat.

Those with a bigger garden and a larger budget may prefer a summerhouse or large shed, which have the advantage of being a permanent structure with four sturdy sides, and so are especially useful for protecting against the wind and rain.
A recent trend is garden igloos – sometimes called pods. One benefit of these is that they are see-through, meaning you have a full view of your garden while inside. However, they can get excessively hot in summer due to their greenhouse-like nature, and are not ideal for people who require shade.

If you are considering parasols, you may think that bigger is better when it comes to protecting from the rain. However, don’t forget that parasols are highly affected by the wind, especially when they are larger, so may be difficult to use on windy days.

If you’d like to continue vaping in the garden during autumn and winter, a freestanding or wall-mounted patio heater could help you stay toasty too.

How to incorporate lighting

Although it may be tempting to fill your garden with solar lights, the UK’s limited sunshine means that solar energy may not always be most practical! As such, a combination of solar and either battery or USB powered lights may be preferred, allowing you to have backup.

From an aesthetic point of view, a mixture of different lights will look nice; perhaps you could have post lights lining the edge of your grass, hanging lanterns dangling from a tree, and strings of fairy lights adorning your fence and chosen shelter space.

Practically, you may also want to invest in a UV mosquito zapper lamp to keep insects at bay while you vape, and a motion sensor light by the backdoor so that your garden is illuminated from the moment you step out.

Garden-patio | blog image

How to make your garden vaping space comfortable

There is nothing less enticing than a hard, unsupportive chair, so when creating the ultimate outdoor vape space, comfort is key. Think about your favourite place to sit in your home and try to recreate this enjoyment outside, whether this means an outdoor sofa set with space for all your friends, a huge weatherproof armchair, or a luxurious sunbed ideal for vaping while horizontal.

Of course, you can also find some more unique options for the garden, such as hanging egg chairs, hammocks and swing seats.

blu 2.0 and pods in-article table and hands

It may be a good idea to get an outdoor storage box for storing outdoor cushions when not in use, and this is also the perfect place to store any blankets that you want to keep outside for cooler nights, allowing you to vape comfortably all evening long. You could also consider getting some outdoor rugs for decking or patio spaces, creating a more homely feel.

How to make nature a focal point of your vape space

Even if you don’t have space for grass, try to include some potted plants and flowers in the area you will spend most time in. If you want to attract local wildlife, try putting out a bird feeder – you might even attract some cheeky squirrels.

What does your ideal vaping outdoor space look like?

We hope this will help you create your perfect garden space, and would love to hear about your favourite spots for vaping in the garden. Tag us in your outdoor vaping pics on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Wherever you use your blu device, enjoy summertime vaping, and remember: if you need any advice on choosing your next vaping device or selecting an e-liquid, just get in touch.



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