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20th September 2023

Making a change? Here's our guide to blu vape devices

Autumn October

We’ve all been there, gone into a shop to buy your usual. You find yourself standing in front of a display considering something new. There is a lot of choice, but it's too much, so you leave with your usual.

Maybe this is why you’ve stuck with the old familiar. When it comes to cigarettes, you've got two choices: the type of cigarettes and menthol or tobacco. Life is easier when your choice is simple.

With so many people switching to vape devices, you might also be considering making a change, or as an existing vaper, you may be looking to change up your vape device. Perhaps you’d like to cut back on nicotine. Maybe you’re looking to save money. Or maybe you just prefer the convenience of a vape device.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to change, we can help you understand the choices blu offers.


Let’s start with our range of vaping devices, to help you to decide which one suits you best.

There are three different types of vapes - the disposable blu bar and the rechargeable blu 2.0 and blu PRO.

blu 2.0 is a closed vape device which means the flavour refills are simply clicked into place in pods whereas blu PRO is an open device for those who prefer to pour their e-liquid directly into their vape pen. You might be interested to know there is a 30-day money-back guarantee on both our reusable vape devices - blu 2.0 and blu PRO.

blu bar is the single-use disposable vape that is sold as one piece in a range of flavours and colours with no need to add, fill or charge. When it runs out, you simply send it back to us for free.

blu 2.0 | Article in blog


You may want to try something that’s super easy to use like blu 2.0, the small, sleek rechargeable vape to which you add your choice of flavoured liquidpod.

If you have previously been a smoker, blu 2.0 offers the familiar flavour of Golden Tobacco alongside Fresh Mint for anyone who prefers a menthol taste. There’s also a choice of fruity flavours like Green Apple and Watermelon Ice with limited-editions and online exclusives to look out for!

The blu 2.0 liquidpods come in a choice of nicotine strengths – 9mg/ml or 18mg/ml so you can feel more in control of how much nicotine you are consuming. blu 2.0 also features rapid re-charging with power tap technology so you can check battery level whenever you need to and never run out.


blu bar for article

Our blu bar disposable vape comes pre-filled and pre-charged so it’s ready to use instantly. It’s lightweight, pocket-sized and discreet with a choice of mint and fruit flavours including the best-selling Strawberry Ice and Blueberry Sour Razz.
blu bar is a convenient and easy to use alternative offering 600 puffs per vape (based on average usage data with one second puffs). Unlike the reusable blu 2.0, blu bar only comes in one nicotine strength of 20mg/ml.


PRO for article

Our blu PRO is easy to hold, long and thin in shape like a pen and the e-liquids are filled easily into the Clearomiser tank.

Our blu PRO e-liquid range comes in a choice of different flavours and two strengths: 9mg/ml and 18mg/ml. As with our blu 2.0 device flavours, you have the option of starting with Golden Tobacco or Menthol. If you'd like something a bit more exotic, we have flavours like Blueberry or Mint Chocolate and more. blu PRO has the largest battery of our devices which means that it also lasts the longest.


When it comes to picking a flavour and strength that’s right for you, it’s really a very personal choice. Some people like deep, rich flavours, and others prefer fruity refreshing flavours. This is why we offer a variety of different flavours to suit your taste, and mood!

Our varying nicotine strengths help you to make a choice about how much nicotine you would like to experience. We’d suggest picking something slightly lower than you might be used to and starting from there.


Wondering about the environment? Worry no more - no vapes (even disposables) or e-liquids should ever be thrown away in household waste, find out more about responsible vape disposal and packaging recycling.