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Vaping 101: Your Questions Answered

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From making the most out of e-liquids to the fundamentals of vape devices, this list of vaping FAQs has been compiled to answer your burning questions.

How Does Vaping Work?

Vaping works by activating a battery-powered heat conductor to vaporise liquid held within an internal reservoir or cartridge. This is achieved by using a mouthpiece, allowing the user to inhale the resulting vapour.

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Which Vape Is Best For Beginners?

If you’re new to vaping, a starter kit could be the way to go. These bundles cut through the confusion and give you everything you need to get started.

Delving into mods and other advanced devices can be a bit much for a beginner to get their heads around. With a starter kit, you receive a device and e-liquid as standard, as well as accessories, allowing for a straightforward introduction to vaping.

Our myblu™ Intense Starter Kit is an ideal starting point for a new vaper.

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What Age Can You Start Vaping?

In the UK, the legal age to start vaping is 18.

This restriction also prohibits those under 18 from purchasing any vaping related products from online or physical vape stores. Retailers caught selling vaping products to anyone under the legal age could be subject to fines of up to £2,500. That is why we ask your age when you land on our website.

Can You Vape Without Inhaling Into Lungs?

If you want to enjoy the flavours of an e-liquid without the throat sensation, you can vape without inhaling straight into the lungs. This is known as mouth-to-lung vaping, where the vapour is first collected in the mouth before it reaches your lungs. Inhaling the vapour through the mouth or nose rather than directly into the lungs gives you the taste benefits of vaping.

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Why Is My Battery Flashing?

The reasons behind your battery flashing depend on how frequently it blinks:

  • 15 flashes – the device is being overused and needs a break

  • 30 flashes – the device needs to be recharged

  • Continuous flashing – there is a problem with the battery

Can You Vape Water?

vape water

While technically speaking you can vape water, there are a number of reasons why it isn’t recommended. As simple as it may sound, vaping pure water will produce nothing more than steam. You also run the risk of scalding yourself and creating an unfulfilling experience without the flavour or nicotine hit associated with e-liquid.

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How Do I Get The Most Flavour Out Of My Vape?

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The PG/VG of your e-liquid can have a huge effect on flavour production. E-liquids with a higher PG ratio tend to produce a fuller taste, yielding stronger notes than high VG e-liquids. If you want that smooth flavour without a harsh throat hit, aim around the 60:40 PG/VG ratio mark.

Correct storage can also help retain flavour. To prevent flavour diminishing, keep the e-liquid in a dry, dark space and ensure it’s not being used beyond its best before date. Minimising the amount of contact between your liquid and open air can also stave off degradation of flavour.

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How Do I Make My Vape Clouds Thicker?

If your goal is to vape big clouds, blu vapes may not be the product for you. Our aim is to create simple, sleek and easy to use vape devices and flavourful e-liquids that produce minimal vapour. If large clouds are a higher priority than a throat hit, you’re probably better suited to vape tanks with mesh coils or sub-ohms.

Airflow is the key to thick clouds. Many vape devices have variable airflow features which allow for larger quantities of air to surround the coils. This encourages plentiful vapour production, creating the experience cloud-chasers desire.

Are There Different Types Of Vaping?

There are two types of vaping, namely direct to lung (DTL) and mouth to lung (MTL). As the name suggests, when MTL vaping you first collect the vapour in your mouth prior to inhaling into the lungs. For DTL vaping, you draw on the vape similarly to a normal breath, taking the vapour directly into the lungs.

How Long Will My E-Liquid Last?

hourglass vape time

This all depends on your vaping habits. How often you vape, the settings you use, and the ingredients of the e-liquid can all impact how long it will last. A 10ml e-liquid bottle equals around 192 cigarettes, meaning that someone who typically smokes a pack of 10 traditional cigarettes per day (based on a 31 day month) would likely get through two bottles per month. However, if the liquid’s high in VG (vegetable glycerine) or you’re a sub-ohm vaper, this figure will reduce. To answer this question, evaluate how much e-liquid you typically consume.

How Often Should You Clean Your Vape?

For heavy vapers, a weekly rinse is recommended while moderate vapers should give their device a quick clean every two weeks. On top of this, a monthly deep clean with soap will keep your device in pristine condition. While this is a general rule of thumb, there are also signs that your device is ready for a clean that you must pay attention to.

If you notice a stale, unpleasant taste or decrease in flavour, it could be time to clean your vape. Similarly, visible liquid build ups, dry hits, or a slower vaping experience should be your cue to reach for the soap.

How Did We Do?

Have your questions been answered? If there’s something we haven’t covered, or you’d like some assistance with your device or e-liquid then please browse our FAQ section or contact us today. You can call, email or webchat us.