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Vaping Inside? Here’s How It Affects Your Surroundings

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If you are planning to snuggle up and enjoy some quality time with your blu vape this winter, what effect will the vapour have on your surroundings?

How long do vapour particles hang around in the air?

Vapour particles evaporate within seconds of exhaling, according to a 2018 study produced by four organisations including blu’s parent company Fontem Ventures, published in the Nicotine & Tobacco Research journal. For e-cigarettes, the study found that even in a room with no ventilation, the liquid aerosol droplets evaporated so quickly that the particle concentration in the air returned to background levels within seconds.

In contrast, for conventional cigarettes, the particle concentration in the room only returned to background levels after 30-45 minutes.

Dr Grant O’Connell, Corporate Affairs Manager at Fontem Ventures and senior author of the study, said: “This data adds to the growing body of evidence that vaping indoors is unlikely to pose an air quality issue.” However, more research is needed to confirm this.

Does vaping inside stain walls?


You may know how damaging smoking inside can be to a home, staining walls and furnishings an unflattering shade of brown. So, does vaping have the same effect?

Luckily, the effects of vaping inside are much less dramatic. Vaping does leave a residue on walls that can attract dirt, however any staining typically takes a long time to build up, and stains can be easily cleaned off using a wet cloth. If you want to minimise staining even further, try vaping near an open window, or in a room with plenty of ventilation.

Does vaping inside leave a long-lasting smell?

Likewise, though some people may notice that vaping inside leaves a slight odour, this is much less noticeable than that of traditional cigarettes smoke. Again, this can be reduced by ensuring good ventilation throughout your home.

Vaping inside: what’s the verdict?

Ultimately, only you can decide whether you want to vape inside your home. Although vaping outside is recommended, vaping inside may be fine for someone who isn’t afraid of a little extra cleaning once in a while. Not to mention, a whole lot warmer!

Prefer to stick to vaping alfresco? Check out our tips for facing the cold this winter, or read our guide on how to create the dream garden vape space.

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