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Vaping tips and tricks


When you first start vaping, you want to make sure you’ve got all the essentials, which is likely to include a charged battery and a filled clearomiser or cartridge. If you’ve got both of these, you’re all ready to start vaping.

What Comes Next?

While vaping with blu is simple, there’s no doubt that there’s more to learn to help improve your vaping experience. Even the most experienced vapers were new to it at one time or another, and what’s more we’re all human and prone to vaping mistakes! Wanting to learn more is all part of the process and with blu at your side, you can look to get everything you can from your e-cigs.

So take a look at some of our top vaping tips and tricks and you’ll be a vaping expert in no time!

Refilling Your E-Liquid

When refilling your e-liquid, things can get messy so make sure you’re doing it over a suitable surface rather than over a carpet or laptop. It’s also a good idea to lay down a few paper towels to mop up any stray e-liquid.

Another important consideration when refilling your clearomiser is that you need to avoid getting any e-liquid in the centre tubing. E-liquid in the centre tubing can lead to flooding, which is the term vapers use to refer to when e-liquid gets into the mouthpiece. If you do get any e-liquid in the centre tubing, just turn the clearomiser upside down near a drain for a few minutes and use some tissue or a paper towel to soak up the excess e-liquid.

Fixing Your Flavour

Sometimes when you’re vaping, you might get a weaker flavour coinciding with less vapour than would normally be produced. The most likely issue is that your e-cig is running low on e-liquid or charge, and you can take the appropriate steps to fix this when you notice it happening. However, if you have recently refilled or recharged it is also possible that your e-cigarette hasn’t been primed, and one of the most obvious signs is that your e-liquid also has a slightly burnt taste.

Priming involves taking a few shorter puffs on your e-cigarette before you start vaping for real, as this will coat the wick inside the e-cigarette in e-liquid which in turn means it will be vaporised properly by the coil. Once you’ve primed you should find that your e-cig starts producing vapour more consistently.

Another possibility is that it’s time for a new clearomiser. blu recommends changing clearomisers after roughly 10 refills to ensure that you keep getting a full, flavourful vape. It’s also a good idea to clean out your clearomiser if you’re switching flavours as otherwise you might get unwanted hints of your previous flavour the next time you vape. This is referred to by vapers as Flavour Ghosting, and it can be avoided by having multiple clearomisers or by thoroughly washing out the clearomiser with water when changing flavours.

Charging Your Battery

It’s a good idea to get into a routine of charging your e-cig during a certain period of the day. While it’s easier to leave it to charge at night while you’re asleep, this can damage the battery. Try getting into the habit of putting it on to charge whenever you start cooking or reading a book.

If you’re using the blu PRO®, it’s important to remember to turn your e-cig off when you’ve finished using it by pressing the button quickly five times. While leaving your battery is obviously ill-advised as your e-cig will run out of charge, it’ll also wear down the battery in the long term.

When charging and storing your e-cigarette, make sure to store it somewhere sensible as excessive heat and light can also affect the life of the battery.