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Where to Buy Electronic Cigarettes?

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Where to Buy E-Cigarettes?

At Your Local Vape Store

If you’re keen to support independent or local stores, then you can certainly do so by purchasing your blu e-liquid and vape devices in store.

Whether an electronic cigarette shop or a convenience store, finding your local stockist is simple. Simply visit our storefinder, enter your postcode or address and you will be shown on a map where your nearest blu stockist is. You can even filter by the type of product you’re wanting to buy!

At Supermarkets and Convenience Stores

If you’d prefer to buy e-cigs while doing your weekly shop, that is also possible. Most major supermarkets stock blu e-cigs and e-liquid in their tobacconist counter gantries, just ask in-store. So, there’s no need to visit more than one store to buy your essentials.

At Online Vape Superstores

If you’d like to buy electronic cigarettes online, you can do so in one of two main ways: directly from the manufacturer or via a vape superstore.
Select e-cigarette online stores stock and sell blu products, among other industry favourites.

Online stores like this are typically used by vapers who are looking to purchase e-liquid and e-cigarettes online from multiple brands in one easy transaction. However, it is important to be careful when mixing and matching brands to ensure items are compatible and safe to use with the different systems available.

Here On the Blu Website

Buying blu products directly from our website is both easy and convenient. With our Vape Subscription offering, you can select your favourite blu products and arrange for them to be delivered to your home at regular intervals that suit your vape usage best, whether that’s every week, fortnight or month.

The total amount will automatically be billed to your credit card at the same time as your order is processed, and you can cancel at any time, meaning there is no need to walk or drive to the shop or enter your details online every few weeks.

You can find out more about blu’s Vape Subscription here.

How Do You Like to Purchase Your Vapes?

So, how will you buy your next blu vape or e-liquid? Online or instore? Direct from us or through a superstore?

If you’re still not sure, take a look at our blog: Superstores, Independents and Brand Shops: Which is the Best Vape Shop?