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Nic salts: the base for all our new blu 2.0 flavours

blu2.0 flavours

Experience the new blu 2.0 collection, made with nicotine salts for a stronger vaping sensation.

These intense flavours are made using a different nicotine extraction process, meaning you’ll get a slightly higher nicotine percentage and will enjoy a more flavoursome vape.
The new blu 2.0 flavours consist of sweet, minty and earthy tastes, including Golden Tobacco, Polar Menthol, Fresh Mint, Berry Mix, Fresh Mango and Blueberry Ice.

What makes these new flavours more satisfying?

Usually, a raw form of nicotine is used in e-liquids, which is referred to as freebase nicotine.

However, when we introduce a special acidic compound to the freebase nicotine, we get nicotine salts.

When using these nicotine salts, you get a stronger vaping sensation than what you might be used to, thanks to their unique properties.

What are Nicotine salts or "Nic Salts"?

Nicotine salts are absorbed into the body easier and quicker than when vaping regular nicotine liquid. They are very soluble in fat and water, and so are more rapidly absorbed by the lungs, providing an instantly satisfying flavour when inhaling.

What’s more, freebase nicotine can affect the liquid’s overall flavour, whereas nic salts have next-to-no effect in this area, meaning you’ll get a more flavourful, enjoyable and richer vaping experience.

Fruity flavours

Blu 2.0

Berry Mix Flavour
Berry Mix Flavour
Fresh Mango Flavour
Fresh Mango Flavour
Blueberry Ice Flavour
Blueberry Ice Flavour
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