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What are liquidpods?

blu liquidpods are used with the blu 2.0 rechargeable device. blu liquidpods are available in a variety of flavours and strengths so there are many different vaping experiences to choose from.

How do blu liquidpods work?

Liquidpods contain the e-liquid that is turned into vapour before being inhaled. All of the e-liquid comes pre-filled inside the pod, meaning that it couldn’t be simpler to change flavours on your device or when your liquidpod runs out. Just click in your pod and vape.

Liquidpods connect directly onto the blu 2.0 battery and have a mouthpiece attached, so there’s no need for any additional parts. To insert a blu liquidpod, simply place it into the opening at the top of the device. The blu 2.0 has a magnetic lock to keep pods securely in place once connected. You're now ready to vape.

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What flavours and strengths do liquidpods come in?

Our liquidpods come in six different flavours, ranging from fresh to fruity, and not forgetting our classic Golden Tobacco flavour. Nicotine strengths range from 0.8% to 1.6%.

Having this variety allows you to choose the strength of e-liquid that suits your vaping style and enjoy your favourite flavours without compromising.

Need help choosing? Why not take our blu 2.0 flavour quiz to work out which flavour will suit you.