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What’s your flavour? Take the blu 2.0 quiz

blu2.0 flavours

Find out which blu 2.0 pod flavour is the one for you with our quiz. Are you more of a minty, menthol or fruit fan? Discover the right pod for you here.

Choosing the right flavour is key to the entire vaping experience. After all, a device is only as good as the flavour it provides. With so many different e-liquids out there, from the sweet to the savoury, it can be a little overwhelming. Fear not, as we’ve put something together to make it a little easier.

Recently, we launched our brand new range of blu 2.0 pods. With six flavours up for grabs, available in 9mg/ml and 18mg/ml, there’s sure to be something which fits your tastes. Here, we’ve put together a fun little quiz to help you pick your perfect flavour.

What’s your flavour?

How would your friends describe you?

  • a) Reliable and always on time

  • b) Laidback and cool

  • c) Calm, carefree and friendly

  • d) Happy-go-lucky and bubbly

  • e) Sweet and soft

  • f) The life and soul of the party

You’re feeling peckish – which snack do you choose?

  • a) Dark chocolate

  • b) Hard candy

  • c) Mint choc chip ice cream

  • d) Fresh berry fruit salad

  • e) Homemade smoothie

  • f) Exotic dried fruit

It’s holiday time! Where are you off to?

  • a) UK staycation

  • b) Ski resort

  • c) European city break

  • d) Island hopping

  • e) Mediterranean cruise

  • f) Caribbean beach trip

You’re picking a colour scheme for your home – what are you going for?

  • a) Taupe

  • b) Light green

  • c) Turquoise

  • d) Red

  • e) Navy

  • f) Yellow

It’s cocktail night! What’s your go-to tipple?

  • a) Espresso martini

  • b) Classic mojito

  • c) Mint julep

  • d) Strawberry daquiri

  • e) Blue lagoon

  • f) Mai tai

It’s Saturday night, what are you up to?

  • a) A meal at your favourite restaurant

  • b) Kicking back at home with a film

  • c) Heading to a concert

  • d) Meeting a big group of friends at the bar

  • e) Front row at a comedy club

  • f) Dancing the night away

karaoke | Image

What’s your ideal movie night?

  • a) One of the classics

  • b) Something avant-garde

  • c) Feel good films

  • d) A comedy

  • e) A rom-com all the way

  • f) An adventure movie

What does your flavour say about you?

If you mostly answered A…

Your flavour is Golden Tobacco.

Sophisticated and refined, you know exactly what you want from your pods. You’re not into fads or fashions, and like things done a certain regimented way. You like to keep it simple. Traditionalists who love the classics gravitate toward this option due to its recognisable tobacco flavour. That’s not to say you don’t mind a touch of chocolate and caramel notes in the mix, but not too much. If you wanted sweets you’d eat them, after all.

If you mostly answered B…

Your flavour is Polar Menthol.

A cool customer, menthol flavours suit you down to a tee. Your breezy nature makes you well-suited to the social side of vaping, just as laidback and refreshing as the icy finish offered by the Polar Menthol.

If you mostly answered C…

Your flavour is Fresh Mint.

You’re all about subtlety in your flavours. With delicate spearmint alongside a chilly finish, the Fresh Mint is made for you. This flavour complements your carefree, chilled personality, making an impression wherever you go, much like the notes which underpin this taste sensation.

If you mostly answered D…

Your flavour is Berry Mix.

blu + pack on table | image

Energetic and friendly, life is all about the simple pleasures for you. A connoisseur of natural flavours, you tend to be drawn in by the vibrant colours as much as the taste of fruity treats. The blend of red and dark berries which comprises the Berry Mix provides a sweet vaping experience, the perfect accompaniment for those who love lively flavours.

If you mostly answered E…

Your flavour is Blueberry Ice.

This flavour is for those who can be sweet one minute and ice cold the next. The Blueberry Ice offers two sides of the same coin. On the one hand, there’s the invigorating Blueberry taste. On the other, there’s the cool icy mint. When they come together, they provide a refreshing mixture which is truly unique.

If you mostly answered F…

Your flavour is Fresh Mango.

You’ve got a taste for the tropical. Summer’s the only season you recognise and you’re outgoing, energetic and adventurous. You desire tangy and tropical zest and want to be transported to sandy beaches and palm trees at any given moment. That’s why this Fresh Mango flavour is fit for your tastes.

Pick up your blu 2.0 flavour today

By now, you should know exactly which flavour is right for you. All that’s left is to pick up your brand new pods. Designed specifically to fit our blu 2.0 device, there are six flavours on offer in total.
To find out more about them, check out our pod guide. If you’re ready, grab one of our blu 2.0 pods today.