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All you need to know about blu vape pens and e-cigs

About blu vape pens

blu has several different types of vape pen to choose from, with each one designed to give you everything you need for the perfect vape.


blu 2.0 with pods

The blu 2.0. Our next generation closed pod device. A more sophisticated device for vapers who are looking for a smoother flavour experience and high performance. The sleek and lightweight device doesn’t sacrifice on power, featuring a battery that lasts all day* with magnetic lock pods that allow you to switch flavours in seconds. Discover how to use blu 2.0 here.

(Based on daily consumption of average user)

In terms of how the product works, the blu 2.0 vape pen comprises of the following:

blu PRO Kit

Explore AboutBluEcigs ProKit 860 Wide

The blu PRO Kit is recommended for those who are more advanced into their vaping journey. The blu PRO Kit offers a range of flavour options and a built-in function indicating when your device is due for charging.
The blu PRO Kit contains 1 blu PRO Clearomiser, 1 blu PRO Rechargeable Device and 1 blu PRO USB Cord.
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If you're looking for something fresh, fruity or earthy, then we have a selection of flavours to choose from.

Select the toggle below depending on your device and our range of flavours applicable for that device will be displayed.

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Berry Mix Flavour
Berry Mix Flavour
Polar Menthol Flavour
Polar Menthol Flavour
Golden Tobacco Flavour
Golden Tobacco Flavour
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