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    quality you can trust

    Our blu range is fully compliant with industry regulations, has been extensively tested and comes from a trusted manufacturer. Our blu vape products always adhere to the regulations and guidelines regarding product safety.

    At blu, our goal is to always offer our customers the best vaping experience possible. We want every product that reaches them – wherever they are in the world – to be consistently reliable, trustworthy and, above all, of high quality.

    It’s important to us that our customers understand the care we take in delivering that experience, so we’ve created a short video to shine a light on the production process involved in developing our first generation myblu range.

    Taking you behind the scenes, the video highlights the extensive process we follow during the development of our signature myblu device, and the detailed process by which our myblu liquids are created, tested, and delivered to consumers.

    Ensuring quality

    Inside Nerudia – our UK-based best-in-class research and development facility – teams of highly-skilled lab technicians will conduct up to 90 individual tests a day on the liquids that go into our blu liquidpods. In these tests, they check everything from the ratios of the ingredients that make up the liquids to testing the scent, colour and appearance of each liquid to ensure only the best product is reaching our customers.

    Everything we produce is created in compliance with strict government regulations and guidance issued by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA). You can be reassured that all blu vape devices and liquids conform to these high standards.

    Producing excellence

    Meanwhile, our production line teams are hard at work filling blu pods with our signature liquid, which contains only six ingredients. Our production team – who will fill up to 50,000 blu pods every day – works in a clean room environment to ensure no cross-contamination takes place between the blu liquidpods and the outside world. At every stage each blu pod is checked, inspected, and handled with the utmost care.

    Driving innovation

    Away from the production line, our innovation teams across the world are hard at work pioneering the next big thing in vaping. They’re continuously exploring and developing new innovations such as blu bar, our new disposable vape with six different fruity flavours and up to 600 puffs (per one second puff test). We also recently launched our blu 2.0 closed pen device, offering many new-to-blu features such as magnetic pod-lock, PowerTap to quickly check battery levels on-the-go, and an even sleeker design complete with bigger pods and battery. These innovations show how far we’ve come; from our original skycig device, launched back in 2009, to the blu 2.0 e-cig so many of our customers enjoy today around the world.

    All of the people working to create blu’s products - from the teams developing new and innovative ways to transform the vaping market, to those assembling and testing them - firmly believe in offering the best possible products for consumers. Every blu customer deserves the very best from their vaping device and liquids. And at blu, it’s our mission to deliver that time and again.