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Caring for vape batteries: how to use your blu battery

Caring for your e-cigarette battery

Caring for your battery properly will help you get the most out of your blu device.
Understanding how blu batteries work and how to use them will help you get the most from your vape pen.

Where are vape pen batteries found?

blu e-cigarette batteries form the base of the device and attach directly onto the clearomiser for the blu PRO™, or the liquidpod for the for the blu 2.0 device. Whenever the battery is out of charge, it can be connected to the charger provided to recharge for future use.

How do blu vape pen batteries work?

blu vape pen batteries are activated in one of two ways depending on the device. The blu PRO™ has a button on the side of the device. When this button is pressed, the battery switches on the heating coil inside the clearomiser, turning the liquid into vapour. The blu 2.0 batteries are activated by a motion sensor inside the mouthpiece which detects when the user inhales, so you don't need to press to vape.

How do I know that my battery is working?

Our blu PRO vape pen battery has an LED light that lights up whenever vapour is inhaled. This same light can also be used to indicate when the battery is fully charged. The LED light will change colour or begin to blink when it needs recharging.

Our blu 2.0 battery levels can be checked by tapping the device three times and checking the colour of the LED light: blue means 100-35% battery, yellow means 35-20%, and red means 19% or less.

To charge your blu PRO™, insert the micro-USB cable that came with the device into the USB socket on the side of the battery component. To charge your blu 2.0, plug the USB-C cable into the charging port on the bottom of the device.

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