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Maintaining your charger

Maintaining your e-cigarette charger

You’ll need your charger to top up your vape device when it runs out of charge. Find out about the different types of blu charger and how to know when to use them.

Vape pens are powered by batteries which in turn can be topped up whenever they run out of charge. You'll need to plug your charger into your device regularly to keep using it.

No matter what device or starter kit you buy from us – whether it’s our blu PRO™ Kit or our blu 2.0 pd e-cigarette – we’ll always give you a USB charger to use with your new device.

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What are vape pen chargers used for?

Vape pen chargers recharge the batteries that power your vape pen. Both batteries last all day, with the blu 2.0 lasting over 250 puffs before running out of charge, and the blu PRO™ lasting up to 700 puffs (based on the activity of an average vaper - battery life may vary according to level of consumption). Once these batteries have run out of charge, they need to be plugged in and topped up. Charging takes 50 to 55 minutes for the blu 2.0 and 4 hours for the PRO.

What are the different chargers available from blu?

The blu 2.0 comes with a USB-C charger, and the PRO comes with a USB charger.

For the blu 2.0 vape pen, the charging socket is located on the bottom of the device. It will take around 50 to 55 minutes to recharge your blu 2.0 device from empty. We advise that you plug your blu 2.0 into a lower voltage device like a laptop instead of a wall socket.

For the blu PRO™ e-cigarette, the charging socket is located on the side of the battery component, which is the bottom part of the device when it’s fully assembled. The PRO™ will recharge from empty in 4 hours - just plug the USB cable into the device when it needs recharging, and wait until the LED light turns blue.

How do I know when to recharge my blu device?

Both the blu 2.0 and blu PRO™ device feature an LED light that changes colour to tell you how much power you have left, and when you need to recharge your device.

The blu 2.0 device has new PowerTap technology, allowing you to quickly check your battery level on the go. Tap your e-cig three times to reveal your charge level - the LED light will show as blue if you have 35-100% charge, yellow if you have 20-34% charge, and red if until you drop below 20% charge remaining. When the LED is red, you should consider plugging your device in as soon as possible to avoid running out of power.

On the blu PRO™ device, the LED light will begin to blink red to indicate that you need to recharge your device. Once your blu PRO rechargeable device is connected to a USB-compatible device, the button and LED tip of the battery will blink three times and stay lit to show the battery is charging. It will then blink red and turn blue to show that it’s fully charged.

Getting the most out of your charger

To get the most out of your charger, make sure you only use the USB adapter that came with your your blu 2.0 or blu PRO™ kit. Avoid using additional socket adaptors or third-party chargers as these may make it slower or less efficient to charge your device.

Hopefully, you now feel like a pro – excuse the pun! - on everything charging related! If you have any questions, please visit our FAQs section for more info, contact our Customer Service team, who will be delighted to help.

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