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Which vape pen is right for me?

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Choosing a vape pen is as personal as picking a pair of underwear – well, almost. What suits one person might be totally wrong for somebody else. That’s why taking your first step into the world of vaping can be a daunting experience.

Here at blu, we keep it simple with just three great devices – blu bar, blu 2.0 and blu PRO. Whether you’re looking for something easy-to-use or powerful, compact or flexible, we’ve got you covered.

Which vape pen should I buy?

As a general guide, the main difference between our 3 devices is whether they’re open or closed system. This means whether the device has a refillable tank (open system) or sealed liquidpods that you can switch in and out (closed system).

With a refillable open-system device you have a wider choice of flavours, because you can use any e-liquid. On the downside, you have to finish a tank of liquid or throw the rest of your liquid away if you want to try a new flavour. If you’re looking for an open system device, our blu PRO could be the ideal candidate – its battery is powerful enough to hold a full day’s charge, and our blu Liquid range includes various flavours.

With a closed-system pod device, changing flavour is made easy – you just take out your existing flavour and click a new one into place. However, you are usually limited to one manufacturer as you can only use pods that fit your chosen device. If closed-system sounds right for you, then our blu 2 Vape Pens have it all – rapid charging, a sleek and compact design plus wide range of liquidpods!

The brand new blu bar is our first flavoured disposable vape device, coming in flavours including Kiwi Passionfruit, Banana Ice, Mango Ice and more. Each device flavour has its own colourful design, is small, easy-to-carry, and lasts for up to 600 puffs*. Now available to buy in our online store!

blu 2.0 Vape Pens

blu 2.0 in hand | article banner

The blu 2.0. Our next generation closed pod device. A more sophisticated device for vapers who are looking for a smoother flavour experience and high performance. The sleek and lightweight device doesn’t sacrifice on power, featuring a battery that lasts all day with magnetic lock pods that allow you to switch flavours in seconds. Discover how to use blu 2.0 here.
(Based on daily consumption of average user)

blu PRO

pro in hand 300px

Our open-system device, blu PRO, pairs the flexibility of a refillable tank with powerful performance. The detachable clearomiser tank features a transparent window so you know how much liquid you have left – and with a range of 14 blu Liquids, there’s always something new to try. Simply choose a new flavour and fill the liquid into the outer ring of the PRO’s tank.

The battery charges in under 3 hours and gives you enough power to last the whole day. The PRO’s ergonomic design fits neatly in your hand and is easy to take with you – wherever you go.


Five of our favorite things

  1. Wide range of fruity flavours

  2. Start vaping straight away – no need to charge or fill

  3. Fits perfectly in your hand or pocket

  4. Lasts for up to 600 puffs (based on average usage data)

  5. Can be disposed of responsibly

Learn more about blu bar disposable vape

Need a little more help?

Can’t decide? Choosing the right device can be confusing but we know a thing or two about vaping. Get in touch with us by email, phone or start a new webchat and our customer service team will be happy to guide you through the process.