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Where can I vape

Knowing where to vape can be tricky. Thankfully, we've got the answers to some big vaping questions – like can I vape at the cinema, on a train or in the pub?

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Where in the world can you buy blu?

23 March 2022 - Getting out of the UK for your holiday this year? Learn where stocks blu abroad!
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Vaping And The World Cup: What Are The Rules?

World Cup 2022 is upon us. Find out the rules for vaping while watching the World Cup games, at home and in Qatar, here.
Global vaping laws

Global vaping laws

Off on holiday? Find out about vaping laws in other parts of the world and where not to vape.
Can I vape at the cinema?

Can I vape at the cinema?

Lights, camera, popcorn. But what about vape? Can you use your device at the cinema?
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What are enclosed public spaces?

This is a key phrase where restrictions on vaping are concerned – but what does it mean?
Can I vape at work?

Can I vape at work and is vaping allowed in the office?

Is vaping allowed in my workplace, and what can I do if vaping is not permitted?
Can I vape at the pub?

Can I vape at the pub and is it allowed?

Many people in Britain will remember when a trip to the pub and smoking went hand in hand.
Can I vape at a Premier League ground?

Can I vape at a football ground or in the stadium?

Do you know what the rules are around vaping at a Premier League football ground?
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Can I Vape in Beer Gardens?

Since beer gardens reopened, the nation has headed to the pub to make up for lost time. The question is: is vaping allowed outdoors? Find out here.

Can You Vape In A Nightclub?

With nightclubs now back open across the UK, we are sure some of you are already revelling in the excitement of going ‘out out’ once again.

Travelling and vaping

Updated 23 March 2022 - Wondering whether to pack your e-cig in your hand luggage, hold luggage, or even at all? Here's our guide to travelling and vaping.
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Which airports can I vape in?

Tickets, passport, money… e-cigarette? If you're flying away you'll want to know if you can vape in the airport terminal.
Cruise ship

Travelling with your e-cigarette: can I vape on a cruise?

If you are looking to take a cruise as a vaper, you’ll be happy to know that most cruise liners have areas where you’re allowed to use your e-cig.
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Travelling with your e-cigarette: can I vape on a plane?

The rules have changed a lot over the years, not just in regard to vaping but also which devices and e-liquids are allowed on planes.
Video blog

How to with blu videos

We've made a series of videos to get you up and running with your new blu e-cigarettes as quickly as possible.

Travelling with your e-cigarette: can I vape on a train?

Vaping is currently banned on all platforms in the UK, as Network Rail, the company which manages a number of the largest train stations, has upheld a ban on vaping on any of their platforms.

Can I vape at the tennis at Wimbledon?

Updated 9 June 2022 - It’s one of the highlights of the British sporting calendar as tennis fans grab their sunhats, shades, and strawberries and cream.
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Tennis Court

Can I Vape At The US Open Tennis Championships 2021?

This summer’s busy sporting calendar has still got one of the best spectacles up its sleeve. But can you vape at the US Open?