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Travelling with your e-cigarette: can I vape on a cruise?

Cruise ship

Depending on the ship these areas can be either indoors, outdoors or a mixture – you might think that being out on deck is invitation enough to start vaping, but in fact on most occasions you’ll need to find a designated smoking area.

Vaping regulations do vary depending on the company you’re travelling with though. So, to help you find the right holiday experience for you, we’ve rounded up the vaping policies of all the major cruise liners (correct as of January 2022). Happy holidays!

Can you take your vape on a cruise?

There usually aren’t restrictions on devices or liquids in personal luggage on cruise ships, although it’s always best to check with the travel company prior to your trip.

If you will be flying to a destination before you step onboard, make sure to check the rules regarding vapes and air travel. Most airlines allow vapes to be carried, but not in hold-luggage. There is worldwide legislation regarding this as they are deemed a fire risk. Instead, you will have to carry your e-cig on your person or in your hand luggage. Read more about this in our article: Travelling and Vaping

Before you pack your bags, you’ll want to make sure you’ve planned ahead and taken enough e-liquid or liquidpods to last you the entire trip, and that you have your charging cable with you. If you are a blu PRO user, you may also want to take a spare clearomiser with you, depending on the length of the trip.

Vaping rules on major cruise liners

Where can you vape on an Azamara cruise?

Azamara's ships have a designated smoking and vaping area on the portside forward section of the Pool Deck. Using e-cigarettes anywhere else on these boats is prohibited, and it’s also important to note that vaping is banned on the land tours of all Azamara Club Cruises cruise tours.

Where can you vape on a Carnival cruise?

Vaping on Carnival cruises is strictly limited to specific exterior deck areas and designated casino/night club spaces. Guests who are found to have ignored this policy could face a hefty fine.

Cruise deck vape

Where can you vape on a Celebrity Cruises cruise?

Celebrity Cruises’ website states that vaping is only allowed in designated smoking areas. They emphasise that smoking and vaping are not permitted inside any guest stateroom, nor on any guest veranda.

Where can you vape on a Costa Cruises cruise?

Costa Cruises allow vaping in areas such as its private cabins (including private balconies) and cigar bars, but e-cigarettes cannot be used in other internal public spaces. Vaping is also permitted at clearly indicated external smoking areas.

Where can you vape on a Cunard cruise?

On the open decks of a Cunard cruise, designated smoking and vaping areas will be clearly signposted and noted in the Daily Programme. Churchill’s lounge is dedicated to cigar and pipe smokers, which could suggest the use of e-cigarettes would be acceptable, but it is best to check before you book.

Where can you vape on a MSC Cruises cruise?

Vaping is not permitted in cabins, on cabin balconies and anywhere not expressly indicated by signage and ashtrays. Check out MSC Cruises’ website or enquire with the company for more info.

Sunset Cruise

Where can you vape on a Norwegian Cruise Line cruise?

The indoor public areas of all Norwegian Cruise Line ships are vape-free, with the exception of the casino. Dedicated outdoor areas are assigned to smoking and vaping, and these vary between Norwegian Cruise Line boats. There is a no vaping policy in staterooms and on private balconies, however guests staying in the Garden Villas may use their e-cigarette in their private garden and on their private sun decks.

Where can you vape on a P&O cruise?

On a P&O cruise, vaping is not allowed anywhere indoors, even in guest rooms, and is not permitted on balconies. Electronic cigarettes can only be used in the designated smoking areas, which are signposted and listed in the newsletter onboard.

Where can you vape on a Seabourn cruise?

On a Seabourn cruise, use of electronic cigarettes is permitted in guest suites. Outside, the designated smoking and vaping area for all ships is the starboard half of the Sky Bar open deck. E-cigarettes are also allowed on the starboard half of the Seabourn Square outside deck.

Where can you vape on a Royal Caribbean cruise?

Vaping on Royal Caribbean cruises is in designated outdoor areas only. To assist in locating areas where smoking is permitted, guests will find visible signage posted within all smoking areas and ashtrays are provided.

So, that’s what you can expect on a cruise as a vaper: however, if you are unsure, it’s always best to check with your provider before you travel. Remember to pack all your favourite vape liquids, and you’re all set!

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