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Travelling with your e-cigarette: can I vape on a train?


The short answer to the question can you vape on a train is no.

Can you vape on a train platform?

Vaping is currently banned on all platforms in the UK, as Network Rail, the company which manages a number of the largest train stations, has upheld a ban on vaping on any of their platforms. Smaller stations don’t allow vaping whilst on the platform either, so anyone looking to vape before catching the train will have to do so before entering the station.

Can you vape on a train?

A number of major train operators, including Virgin Trains, Great Western Railway and TfL, have also said that vaping isn’t allowed when you’re on the train.

In spite of this, travelling by train is a little easier for vapers as you won’t have to go through the same security checks as is the case for air travel.

Can you vape when travelling by plane or cruise?

If you’re planning on flying abroad, make sure to check out our blog on how to travel with e-cigarettes on a plane, or if you’re thinking of heading out to sea, read through our tops tips on how to use e-cigarettes on a cruise ship.

If you’re heading somewhere new and want to make sure you can stock up if your e-cigarette or vape liquid runs out, take a look at our Store Locator for a list of all the places that sell blu products.

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