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Can You Vape In A Nightclub?


But for those of us who take our vapes everywhere, it brings up the question of whether you can vape in nightclubs - especially in light of the pandemic, where people may feel more wary of second-hand vapour.

Vaping at clubs: what are the rules?

Legally, vaping in a nightclub is technically permitted. The Health Act 2006 may have banned smoking inside public buildings, but this does not include vaping as e-cigarette use is not covered by smokefree legislation.

This means that is up to each nightclub to decide their policy on vaping. This will mean that vaping is either allowed inside, allowed inside with restrictions, or not allowed inside.

In our experience, it is always best to assume club vaping rules do not allow you to vape inside and that you’ll have to visit the venue’s designated smoking area, being sure to check with the staff when you arrive. That way, your expectations will either be correct, or you will be pleasantly surprised by the nightclub’s vape rules.

While nightclub chains sometimes have to follow stricter regulations across venues, independent spaces have more autonomy to set their own rules, so you may find they are less restrictive with their vaping policy.

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Why are there nightclub vape rules?

There are various reasons for way a nightclub may impose restrictions on vaping indoors. For example, you may find that some nightclubs ban vaping inside because it can easily be confused with smoking, and this means that staff have to spend extra time assessing what each customer is doing, taking them away from their usual roles.

What to do when you can vape at a nightclub?

If you are allowed to vape inside a nightclub, try to do it respectfully. This means choosing a less potent blu e-liquid flavour and keeping the amount of vapour you produce to a minimum. This also means not blowing your vapour on other people – particularly in the wake of the pandemic, this will not be appreciated by most. It is also good form to ask the group that you are with if they mind you vaping.

Other than that, simply enjoy the experience of vaping on a night out!

What to do when vaping inside a nightclub is banned or restricted?

Make sure to find out from staff exactly what the rules are around vaping at a club and follow them, or you could end up being kicked out of the venue. With so many lost nights out in 2020 and 2021, surely we don’t want any more?

For further guidance on where you can and can’t vape, check out our blog.