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Vaping And The World Cup: What Are The Rules?

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World Cup 2022 is upon us. Find out the rules for vaping while watching the World Cup games, at home and in Qatar, here.

There’s a festival of football on the horizon. 32 teams from all over the world are set to clash in the 2022 World Cup. This time around there are two home nations battling it out over the coveted trophy, as the old foes of England and Wales lock horns in Group B.

Whether you’ll be belting out Three Lions or Yma O Hyd this November, vaping rules are sure to be close to the forefront of your thoughts.

The World Cup’s a little different this year. Gone are the sun kissed days of summer 2018, when football came oh so close to coming home. In 2022, the tournament is taking place in the winter, to coincide with (slightly) milder conditions in the host nation of Qatar. As such, sneaking off to chilly smoking areas is a less than appealing prospect.

Whether you’re jetting off to the Middle East or cheering on from home, being mindful of vaping etiquette allows you to get lost in the action without getting in trouble. Find out all the rules around vaping and the World Cup, here.

Can you vape in Qatar?

Vaping is strictly prohibited in Qatar. An absolute ban came into effect in 2014, with possession of a vape device alone having significant consequences. Travelling fans of England and Wales have been warned that they could be hit with hefty penalties, if they’re caught vaping, and there will be no shops selling devices or e-liquids in the Arab nation.

Those found bending the rules face fines up to the equivalent of £2,200 or a maximum of three months in prison. There are a number of restrictions in place in the country, from drinking alcohol to public shows of affection.

While some restrictions, such as alcohol consumption, have been relaxed during the tournament in chain hotels, vaping rules remain the same. In short, leave your device at home!

Are vapes allowed in Qatar airport?

The same rules apply when entering and exiting the country. Hamad International Airport, in the capital of Doha, has a zero-tolerance policy on e-cigarettes. In fact, some travellers have found their devices being confiscated on arrival despite Qatar Airways advising that e-cigarettes are permitted to be carried in hand luggage.

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Can you vape in Boxpark?

We’ve all seen the footage of Boxpark London erupting into a tidal wave of beer and joy as Kieran Trippier’s free-kick made the nation believe back in 2018. Expect similar scenes in November, as the Shoreditch, Croydon and Wembley venues are all hosting screenings of the games.

For the attending vapers, there are some regulations to contend with. There’s no vaping allowed inside the covered areas of the venues. There are, however, designated areas you’ll have to use if you want to vape in Boxpark. These aren’t located too far away from the action, though you may want to save your vaping until full-time as you’re likely to lose your spot at a table.

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Can you vape inside London’s O2 arena?

The O2 is also hosting screenings of England’s World Cup matches, in the Indigo venue. The O2 arena allows vaping throughout its communal areas, and there’s comfortable spaces outside if the weather is on your side. However, vaping is prohibited within the performance arenas, as well as the O2 Indigo itself.

Can you vape in England World Cup fanzones?

As well as these large London-based fanzones, areas for fans to gather are popping up across the nation. The general rule of thumb is to exercise common sense with regards to the venue and take your fellow fans into account.

There are numerous England fanzones which usually operate as pubs or live music venues, such as Ten Street Social in Liverpool. In these covered spaces, expect usual rules to apply.

Outdoor fanzones will be few and far between given the time of year, so be sure to check whether you can vape in indoor venues beforehand.

Vaping in Wales during the World Cup

It’s been a long old wait for members of the Red Wall. The last time the dragon roared on the world stage was way back in 1958. Despite recent success in consecutive European Championships, generations have passed by without a World Cup appearance. It’s safe to say it promises to be a momentous occasion.

Fans looking to take the games in with a vape in hand can expect to run into the same restrictions as their Group B rivals. Vaping rules in Wales mirror those of England, and general screenings in pubs and bars fall under the same rules of the establishments in questions. If in doubt, ask ahead of time.

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Can I vape in World Cup fanzones in Wales?

Despite initial refusal by the FAW to provide fanzones; councils and venues have taken matters into their own hands. From Swansea’s huge fan park to Colwyn Bay’s one-night-only fanzone for the England game at Eirias Park, communal spaces to enjoy the games have sprouted in all areas of the country.

Vaping regulations vary depending on the fanzone. For the most part, the guidance is to exercise caution and expect the usual restrictions to apply in indoor spaces. If it’s held in a venue where vaping is usually prohibited, expect the same rules to apply. Remember to be mindful of typical vaping etiquette in all fanzones, particularly those which are family-friendly.

Vaping in the Canary Islands

A bit of a wildcard, this one, but hear us out. We have it on good authority that there’s a British invasion coming to these popular holiday destinations. A mixture of the cost of Qatar and the miserable British weather has seen fans of both home nations choose to travel in numbers to enjoy the games in the sun.

If you’re heading out to the islands, there are some important vaping restrictions to bear in mind. Across all the Canary Islands, vaping is widely prohibited in public spaces, including beaches and streets, and is strictly restricted to designated areas.

Flouting these rules can result in hefty fines, so it’s best to toe the line. Hotels, bars and cafes will have their own rules, so be sure to check you’ve got the green light before whipping out your vape.

Are you World Cup ready?

World Cup  3 | Blog image

Wherever you’re watching the World Cup, and whichever flag you’re flying, it’s certain to be a celebration to savour. Make sure you’re prepared with the vaping rules to enjoy it to the max.

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