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Where in the world can you buy blu?

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Venturing out of the UK for your holiday this year? Whether you’re planning a chic city break, an exotic beach jaunt or an alpine adventure, it’s always handy to know if where you’re heading to stocks blu products, so you know how much spare vape liquid to pack! Below are the 7 destinations outside of the UK where you can buy blu.

Stock up before you travel! Find your old favourites or try a new flavour to take with you...

Where can you buy blu?

Czech Republic

From stunning ancient castles to iconic nightlife in its capital Prague, there are lots of reasons to visit the Czech Republic, with the blu products on sale being the cherry on top.


Planning a chic escape full of delicious pastries, some of the world’s best wines, plus beautiful cultural landmarks? You’ll be delighted to find all of these things and more in France, including our blu products.

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In Germany, alongside blu, you’ll find ultra-cool cities like Berlin and Munich, quaint historic towns and remote forests. Not forgetting the steins of beer and glasses of Riesling to sample!


Did you know that you can buy blu in Greece, where you’ll be wowed by golden sand beaches, ancient ruins, and amazing local delicacies like Baklava and Spanakopita?


Effortless style, some of the UK’s favourite foods (who doesn’t love a pizza!), and stunning beaches await you in Italy, alongside a range of blu products.


Ready for a fiesta? If you’re heading to Spain this year, expect not just a party atmosphere but also stunning art and architecture. Plus, Spain is another one of the places around the world that you can buy blu.


United States

Your experience of America will vary wherever you go – from the electric feeling of New York to beachy Cape Cod and quirky Portland. However, one thing will remain the same - you should be able to find our blu products!

For advice on how to pack all your vaping paraphernalia for a flight, head over to our travelling and vaping blog, where we explain how to transport your vape device and liquids safely. And from everyone at blu, wherever you are going, we hope you have an amazing trip!