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This includes the disposal of blu devices, blu bar disposables, and our vape pods/e-liquid bottles.

As vaping pioneers, we are as committed to minimising our environmental impact as we are to delivering a high quality, flavour packed vaping experience. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and are working to minimise, and eventually eliminate, the amount of our waste going to waste incineration plants and landfill.

None of our products, including blu devices, blu disposables, and or our liquidpods and e-liquids, can be put in household waste. Our devices and disposables contain hazardous substances that can damage the environment if not disposed of properly, while the small amounts of nicotine left in pods and bottles makes them unsuitable for putting in your household bin.

Luckily, blu offers an easy returns scheme to allow you to dispose of our products responsibly!


Disposal QR

Step one:

Scan this QR code to reach the Royal Mail returns portal.

Disposal Registration Page

Step two:

Fill in the details requested on the portal. Make sure you fill in which products you are returning – you can choose from Device, Pods/bottles, or Mixed return.

RM collection options

Step three:

Choose how you would like to return your items – either book a slot for the package to be collected from you or just drop off your item at your preferred Royal Mail outlet. You will receive an email containing your freepost label, which you can print for free at the Post Office if required.

Track parcel icon

Step four:

Once posted you can track your parcel to see if it has reached us.

Safely processed icon

Step five:

Once we receive it, we will safely process, neutralise and dispose of your items.

Top Tip: When sending us back your disposable device, please don’t attempt to remove the battery first – leave it to the pros!


You can also check with your local authority on the publicly available collection and recycling facilities for electrical waste, or contact your local environmental agencies for rules and guidance about e-cigarette and nicotine product waste disposal.

Read more about our commitment to Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEE) Regulations and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) here

We really appreciate every effort you make to help us to protect our planet. Together, we can build a cleaner world for future generations.